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CSCI 510/EENG 510 - Final Projects

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Semester:  Fall 2015

Each student will do an individual project on image and multidimensional signal processing, on a topic of their choosing.  The goal is to provide deeper understanding and hands-on experience with a specific topic related to our course material.  Another goal is to help improve project skills: project proposal, independent learning, project execution, and presentation (both oral and written).

Projects from previous semesters

General Requirements

Other Notes


Project Reports

Project reports should be submitted in softcopy and include the sections listed below. In some cases, depending on your topic, some sections may not be appropriate reports should contain the following material, organized logically into sections:

Reports should be about 15-20 pages, not including appendices.  Scoring factors include: quantity, quality, and degree of difficulty of the work; analytical or experimental results; clarity of presentation; and depth of understanding displayed.  Reports should be written in such a manner that a person who is familiar with the class material, but not your specific topic, could learn the topic from your report.

Project Presentations

Presentations should be around 15 minutes, and cover the same material that called for in the report.  Of course, to keep within the time allotment, some items may need to be covered in less detail.

Project Grading