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Welcome to Engineering for Humanity Group

Our Mission

The vision of this organization is to encourage engineering students at Nepal to identify local community problems and help them to solve it by providing funds and advice through the networking of nepalese student organizations and professionals abroad

Engineering for Humanity is a budding concept that helps to promote volunteering and social work in developing countries. This helps to expose youths and professionals in solving community related problems. We have found that the most of the Nepalese organizations abroad have abilities to contribute some ways to the communities, but neither has it happened to the level where professional skills are used nor are these organizations united together for a common purpose. Further, we all know that the students at the US universities are highly supported to gain leadership skills. However, we have not been able to grab this opportunity and resources and use this platform to gain valuable leadership skills. Neither have we contributed to the Nepalese society in solving local problems or have encouraged those youths out there to be a part of the solution. Therefore, while keeping our cultures and tradition exposed to the foreign world, we could expand our hands in helping those who are in need by being a strong professional network. Hence, engineering for humanity concept will initiate the philanthropic concept and tries to unite different organizations for common goals.

At the beginning, Nepalese Student Association at mines (NSAM) officers had the opportunity to get exposed with the rules and regulations and activities that as student organizations could do. Hence this organization came up with a vision that not many universities international student's organizations have thought about. At the beginning with the help of local Nepalese professional of Colorado, NSA was able to have a connection with Kathmandu University. Our goal was to encourage the senior engineering students of bachelor and master level to identify local community problem and help them solve it using their engineering skills. The main objective of NSAM at the beginning is to be able to fund the project and help them to execute it in co-ordination with their advisers and professionals in Nepal and abroad. Once the mechanism is established, we will try to make it a self-sustainable where students at Nepal will find ways to fund their own projects through similar fund raising events.

The student at Mines had set up the outlines of required information for a complete proposal and had specified the deadline to submit the proposal. The proposals had an amount cap of $500; however, we had mentioned that some projects could be accepted if it has high community impact. Since we didn't have the funds, we didn't guarantee to support for all but assured that we will fund the best with what we could raise through fundraising event. With the mutual trust between the Kathmandu University and NSAM, KU students created proposal and through KU review we have received top 12 projects.

NSAM has gone through all the proposals and has decided to move to the next level which is to raise funds through community event and also create professional supports. Though the total estimated of these diverse project were around $5700, however it has large community impact. Solar electrification of health post, improvement and simplification of drinking water system, rain water harvesting in the hilly region school for drinking water, ceramic water filter and accessible van projects for cerebral palsy children's are to name few. In order to raise fund we planned to present these proposals by organizing a fundraising dinner program in community level and support the projects based upon the donations that we receive.

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