Theoretical Physics Seminar

Objectives: This seminar is designed to expose students to the wide variety of work that falls under the large umbrella of theoretical physics. Through a series of talks by the faculty, graduate students, researchers from other institutions and peer students, the student should develop an appreciation for ongoing research at many levels both here at CSM and beyond. Students are expected to participate in discussion, strongly encouraged to ask questions.

Coordinator: Zhigang Wu,, 303-273-3068, MH443
Time: Mondays @ 04:00-05:00 PM
Location: Meyer Hall 375

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title Abstract
08/29 Michael Wall Microscopic analysis of the BEC-BCS crossover for ultracold atoms
in an optical lattice
09/05 Canceled
09/12 Daniel Connors Incorporating theoretical inorganic chemistry into mechanistic descriptions
of small molecule-metal interactions
09/19 Mahadevan Ganesh A fast online algorithm for computational electromagnetism PDF
09/26 Ning Wu Structure and packing of colloidal particles - Can we go beyond FCC? PDF
10/03 Cancelled
10/10 David Wu Methane Hydrate Nucleation: Choreography and Cadence from Molecular Simulations PDF
10/17 Fall Break
10/24 Marc Dvorak Comparison of Diffusion Models: Transition State Theory vs. Langevin Equation PDF
10/31 Zizhong Chen Optimizing Multi-dimensional MPI Communications on Multi-core Architectures PDF
11/07 Seminar Break
11/21 Paul Larson Algorithm Development in Density Functional Theory PDF
11/28 Zhibin Li Computational Investigation of Short Pulse Laser Interaction with Metals PDF
12/05 End of Semester

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title Abstract Slides
01/17 Duncan McElfresh Cluster Analysis Using Random Walks and Spectral Analysis PDF PDF
01/24 Scott Strong Vortex filaments, local induction, and simulating quantum turbulence PDF PDF
01/31 Zizhong Chen Scalable Fault Tolerance for Exascale Computing PDF PDF
02/07 Cancelled
02/14 Alex Flournoy String Theory: What is it and what did we hope it is? PDF PDF
02/21 No Seminar
02/28 Jim McNeil Frontiers in Nuclear Theory PDF PDF
03/07 Matthew Glaser Linear aggregation and liquid-crystalline order: comparison of
Monte Carlo simulation and analytic theory
03/14 No Seminar
03/21 Zhibin Lin Ab initio Investigation of Exciton Transfer between Si Quantum Dots PDF
03/28 Martin Heimsoth Macroscopic quantum tunneling between Floqet cyclic states PDF PDF
03/30 Fernando Sols Quantum transport of cold atoms PDF PDF
04/04 Joseph Fehribach Reaction Networks and Their Kirchhoff Graphs PDF PDF
04/11 Joongoo Kang Nanomaterials for Thermal Energy Storage: First-Principles
Molecular Dynamics Study
04/18 Ann Hermundstad Shear Transformation Zone Theory in a Model of Seismic Slip:
Energetics of Strain Localization
04/25 David Benson How Chemicals Really React? PDF
05/02 Lijun Zhang Electronic Structure Calculations of Thermoelectric Materials
and Semiconductor Nanowires

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title Abstract Slides
10/08 Jingmei Qiu High Order Semi-Lagrangian WENO Method for Kinetic Equations
and Applications in Plasma Physics
10/15 Michael Wall How Hard is Many-Body Quantum Mechanics? PDF PDF
10/22 Mark Coffey The Millennium Problem for the Navier-Stokes Equations PDF PDF
10/29 Antonio Picón Vibrational Coherent Control in Non-Polar Molecules PDF PDF
11/05 Cancelled

11/12 John Scales A Bird's-Eye View of Inverse Problems PDF
11/19 Jaejun Yu Spin, Charge, and Orbital Interactions in Transition Metal Oxides PDF PDF
12/03 Wanjian Yin Band Structure Engineering of TiO2 from First-Principles Calculations PDF PDF

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