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Colorado School of Mines has over 180 student groups across campus, offering something for everyone. As you grow at Mines, you will discover that the more involved you become, the more you will benefit from your educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. The Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics has three active student groups: the Math Club, the Society of Women in Mathematics (SWiM), and the Actuarial Club. In addition, AMS hosts Tea Time most Mondays at 3 p.m., with coffee, cookies and conversation in Chauvenet 156.


Math Club

The Math Club of Colorado School of Mines is actually a consolidation of 2 chapters of national mathematics organizations: Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME)  and the Society of Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM). The Math Club helps build the undergraduate and graduate math community by hosting guest speakers from industry and academia, and fun events such as the annual Pie Mile Run and the Math Club-Physics Club challenge.


Society of Women in Math (SWiM)

The Society for Women in Mathematics (SWiM) is an organization focused on creating a community for women in mathematics at the Colorado School of Mines. The organization holds monthly meetings where members share food and conversation, listen to a faculty member or alumna tell her mathematical story, and hold a discussion over the presentation or other relevant topics.


Actuarial Science Club

The Actuarial Science Club’s mission is to increase awareness of the actuarial profession on campus and provide a bridge between students and the actuarial industry. Industry speakers are invited to help inform students about careers in actuarial science, skills needed and opportunities available. In addition, students form study groups to prepare for the actuarial exams, getting them one step closer to starting an enjoyable and lucrative career upon graduation.



Colorado School of Mines Student Groups

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