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Mines adopted an updated Conflict of Interest Policy (COI) applicable to faculty members in the performance of their Institutional Responsibilities and in the use of Mines' equipment or facilities. See Policy Library or contact the Office of Compliance & Policy. 

Annual Disclosure Form
There are two types of disclosures that Faculty generally will make to Mines:  1)  disclosure of actual or potential conflict of interest and 2) disclosure of conflict of interest regarding commitment to Mines.  All faculty are required to provide disclosure of their actual or potential Conflict of Interest within 30 days of their hire by Mines, and at least annually thereafter.  The Annual Disclosure Form is available Conflict of Interest FormPDF versionText only version (2017 Update)

(For questions regarding Conflict of Commitment or the completion of time away from Mines for additional work, see Academic Affairs, Faculty Resources.)

>>Where to submit forms? All completed disclosure forms should be submitted to the Compliance & Policy office in GH212. For more information, email or call 384-2236.


Mines faculty and staff may obtain the required COI training through the CITI Program resources. This training must be completed every four (4) years by each PI and the faculty and staff that are responsible for the design, conduct, and/or reporting of research. 

The CITI training allows you to start and stop the modules as needed, and it will retain your progress.  There two (2) required modules included in the BASIC course once selected, including:

  1. Financial Conflicts of Interest: Overview, Investigator Responsibilities, and COI Rules - ID: 15070
  2. Institutional Responsibilities as They Affect Investigators - ID: 15072

    When you have completed the required modules, please print a copy of your certification and also email a copy to, provide a copy to the Office of Research Administration (ORA), and retain a copy in your files.  This training must be updated at least every four (4) years, or if there is a change to our policy.

>>DIRECTIONS: To take the training go to the website and sign in (if you do not have a profile, you may create one). If you had a CITI account, you will be able to merge it and have just one. Go to the COI Mines training @ CITI Program TrainingPDF versionText only version.


Please see the Conflict of Interest FAQ page for more information.  Additionally, feel free to contact my office to discuss any questions.

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For any questions please email, call 303-384-2236 or just stop by the office.  We are here to help.

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