EE Undergrad Course Flowcharts

These flowcharts have been created to help you understand the requirements for your degree program. In addition, you should know that:

  • Degree requirements change over time. Your requirements are determined based on the year you entered the degree program.
  • You can switch to a later catalog, if you desire. Forms are available at the registrar's office. Will require a signature from your advisor.
  • You may not switch to an earlier catalog. Flowcharts from prior years are included here for the benefit of students who entered during those years.

Hardcopies of these flowcharts/worksheets are also available just outside the department office in Brown Building 350. If your date is not represented below, please see the department office.

So as not to confuse or mislead, these flowcharts simply represent a sample curriculum. If there are any discrepancies between this information and other sources, the final authority is the catalog published the year the student entered CSM.


Flowcharts/Worksheets - Electrical Engineering degree


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