Degree Requirements: M.S. Engineering & Technology Management

The M.S. Degree in Engineering and Technology Management involves 30 credit hours of course work. There is a set of core courses that is required of all students in the ETM Program. Each student then can tailor his or her studies by selecting an area of focus or by completing courses in any focus group.

Non-Thesis Option Course work
15 credits (5 classes) of core courses
15 credits (5 classes) courses in the areas of focus listed below

Thesis Option Course work
15 credits (5 classes) of core courses
9 credits (3 classes) courses in the areas of focus listed below
6 thesis research credits

Additional Co-curriculum Requirements
All thesis and non-thesis ETM Program students have three additional degree requirements:

1. Leadership and Team Building Ropes Course:  All students participate in a one day off campus Leadership and Team Building retreat in their first Fall semester of study in the ETM Program.  This program focuses on developing team and leadership skills through a program of rope exercises.

2. Communications Seminar:  All students are required to attend a two-day Communications Seminar in their first Fall semester of study in the ETM Program. The seminar will provide students a comprehensive approach to good quality communication skills, including presentation proficiency, organizational skills, professional writing skills, meeting management, as well as other professional communication abilities. The Communications Seminar is designed to better prepare students for the ETM learning experience, as well as their careers in industry.

3. Economic Evaluation Seminar:  All students must attend an Economic Evaluation workshop, which provides an overview engineering economics and the criteria used to evaluate investment decisions in technology-based industries.

4. Executive-in-Residence Program:  Each Spring we invite a senior industry executive to conduct a series of seminars related to leadership and strategy in the engineering and technology sectors.  These seminars provide insights and knowledge to graduate students preparing for positions in industry.  The Executive-in-Residence also actively engages with students in a variety of ways including personal mentoring, small group meetings, and career planning.  For detailed information click here.

Undergraduate Degree, preferably a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Applied Science.

Curriculum:  MS ETM
Core Courses (15 credits)

EBGN525 Business Analytics
EBGN540 Accounting & Corporate Finance
EBGN553 Project Management
EBGN563 Management of Technology
EBGN585 ETM Capstone (take in final semester only)

Areas of Focus Courses - (15 credits non-thesis or 9 credits thesis)
Students can tailor their studies by selecting a set of courses from the following areas of focus.

List A: Engineering Management and Analytics
EBGN526 Stochastic Modeling
EBGN528 Industrial Systems Simulation*
EBGN555 Linear Programming
EBGN559 Supply Chain Management* 
EBGN560 Decision Analysis
EBGN590 Econometrics

List B:  Technology Management and Innovation
EBGN515 Economics and Decision Making
EBGN553 Project Management 
EBGN567 Business Law and Ethics
EBGN572 International Business Strategy
EBGN573 Entrepreneurial Finance
EBGN576 Managing and Marketing New Products

* Not offered every year

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