Thesis/Dissertation Format Self Certification Form

Prior to deliverying your thesis/dissertation to the Office of Graduate Studies for final formal review, you must review and certify the format of your thesis/dissertation. The Thesis/Dissertation Format Self Certification FormPDF versionText only version is a checklist of common formatting issues that you must use to review your thesis/dissertation format. Please print out the Certification Form and review the format of your thesis/dissertation against the checklist of items on the form. Once your thesis/dissertation complies with the format requirements described on the Certification Form, deliver the following items to the Office of Graduate Studies for final format review.

  • A complete and final version of your thesis/dissertation that includes all front matter, back matter and copies of any CD/DVDs included in the thesis/dissertation.
  • The complete version should be submitted with a original copy of your signed and dated submittal sheet (page ii of your thesis/disseration).
  • A signed Statement of Work Completion.
  • A signed copy of your Thesis/Dissertation Format Self Certification Form.PDF versionText only version