Main Body of Text

The body of the thesis is the main text.  Headings and subheadings should be formatted by consistently using the double numbering systemPDF versionText only version or the three level systemPDF versionText only version.

The chapter or section title for each part of the body is typed only on the first page of that part in all capital letters (for example, CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION) and not underlined. The title is centered between the left and right text margins, one keyboard return below the one- inch top page margin.

Unless a page is the last page in a chapter, eliminate excess white space on pages by extending text to the bottom of the page. The exception is when a figure or table covers more than a half page it may be placed on its own, separate page. More than one table or figure may appear in sequence on a single page, if they represent sequential information.

It is acceptable to break equations between pages.

Begin paragraphs on the following page unless at least two lines of text of the new paragraph will fit on the page.