Table of Contents and Lists

A TABLE OF CONTENTSPDF versionText only version is required in the front matter of the thesis.

  • All chapters and sections in the thesis and their page numbers are listed in the Table of Contents, including Appendices (if applicable).
  • Pages that are not listed in the table of contents are:
    • the title page,
    • the submittal sheet page,
    • the copyright page, and
    • the table of contents itself.
  • Supplemental electronic material is included in an Appendix which is listed in the table of contents.

The table of contents and all other lists included in the front matter begin on a separate page.


List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Equations, etc. are required if included in the Thesis. For example, if you have figures, you must include a List of Figures. If you have equations, you must include a List of Equations.

Order of Lists: If you do not need to include one or more of the lists (i.e. you do not have any tables or equations in your thesis), then skip to the next list.

  • LIST OF FIGURES  PDF versionText only version
  • LIST OF TABLESPDF versionText only version
  • LIST OF EQUATIONS (optional)
    • LIST OF SYMBOLS, LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS or  GLOSSARY may be place at the end of the thesis after the REFERENCESPDF versionText only version

All lists begin on their own page, except if:

  •   A list has only one or two entries, then  multiple lists may all be placed on one page with a suitable title such as LIST OF FIGURES AND LIST OF TABLES. 

List format

Title of the list (e.g., TABLE OF CONTENTS or LIST OF FIGURES)

  • Appears only on the first page of the list.
  • Is centered between the left and right text margins.
  • Is in all capital letters


  • That are multiple lines are single-spaced
    • 1½- or double- spaced between different entries
  • The second and subsequent lines are indented.
  • Pages are included in the front matter
  • Page numbers are lower case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc).

List content

Each list entry must have exactly the same wording, capitalization and punctuation as the titles and headings in the text.

  • In the case of long figure captions, the text in the list may be abbreviated (while retaining the sense of the whole caption).
  • Figure subtitles may be omitted unless those subtitles distinguish several items within the same title.
  • For each list item:
    • Beginning of title is aligned with left margin 
      • Figure or Tables:
        • Figure/Table number is aligned with left margin
        • Followed by a tab (space)
        • Followed by Figure/Table caption
      • Equations:
        • Equation number is aligned with left margin
    • Followed by leader dots (spaced periods . . .)
      • which extend from the end of the caption on the left side of the page to the page number
      • Leader dots are aligned vertically
      • Text may not extend beyond the last leader dot and overlap the page number. ExamplePDF versionText only version
    • Followed by page number
      • Page numbers are flush with the right margin.