Satisfactory Progress (PRG) Policy

A graduate student may receive a grade of Satisfactory Progress, PRG, in either one of three possible situations:

  1. As a passing grade given in a course that is graded pass-fail 
  2. As a grade for a course extending more than one semester or
  3. As a grade indicating completion of research credit hours.

When applied to pass-fail courses, the Satisfactory Progress grade, PRG, indicates successful completion of the requirements of the course. A grade of Unsatisfactory Progress, PRU, as applied to pass-fail courses, indicates the student failed to meet the requirements for successful completion the course. The PRG and PRU grades have no point value toward a student's GPA. As described in the Unsatisfactory Academic Performance portion of the catalog, programs may determine that a PRU received in a course indicates unsatisfactory progress toward degree completion and trigger academic disciplinary proceedings.

For students completing independent study or seminar courses extending over multiple semesters, the progress grade has no point value. In such cases, the student receives a grade of PRG, which indicates that the work is not yet completed. For multi-semester independent study courses, upon completion of course requirements, final grades are assigned to all semesters in which the student enrolled in the course, replacing previous PRG grades as appropriate. In seminar courses which may not be repeated for credit, even if continuous enrollment is required by the degree program, the PRG grade remains with a final grade being assigned to last semester of attendance only.

For all multi-semester courses, independent study, and seminar, students must register for the same course in each regular (Fall or Spring) semester of attendance until such time as a final grade is assigned.

When applied to research credits, the Satisfactory Progress grade, PRG, also has no point value toward a student's GPA, but indicates satisfactory progress toward completion of the research component of a student's thesis-based degree program. In this situation, a grade of PRU, Unsatisfactory Progress, may be given, and if given, indicates that a student has not made satisfactory progress toward the research component of a thesis-based degree program. In this case, receipt of a grade of PRU may trigger academic disciplinary proceedings as described in the Unsatisfactory Academic Performance of the catalog.

Unless a faculty member submits a change of grade forms to the Registrar, grades of PRU delivered for unsatisfactory research performance, are not changed to PRG upon the successful completion of a student's degree program. 

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