Property Loss Claims / Certificates of Insurance

Colorado School of Mines participates in the Colorado State Risk Management (SRM) Program and is bound by its rules and regulations.  Our coverage includes campus buildings, equipment, and some university-owned vehicles.  The Office of Risk Managemen is responsible for facilitating the state's liability, property loss/damage processes. Human Resources is responsible for worker's compensation.

Property Loss Claims

Steps to file a claim for loss of property:

  • Department must properly fill out the State of Colorado Loss Notice FormPDF versionText only version, the claim form prescribed by State Risk Management.
  • Department must gather the following supporting documentation, including:
    • Police Report (contact Public Safety at 273-3333);
    • Serial Numbers*;
    • Date of Purchase*;
    • Proof of Purchase (i.e. Purchase Order)*;
    • Proof of Payment (i.e. Invoice and Check Numbers)*; and
    • Estimated Value or Replacement Cost*.
  • Department must submit claim form and supporting documentation to the Office of Risk Management.
  • The Office of Risk Management submits the claim form and supporting documentation to State Risk Management.
  • Risk Management will notify the department of the official notification and disposition of approved reimbursement when the deposit is made.
  • The department may contact the Controller’s office for access to the funds.

NOTE:  All claims are subject to a $5,000.00 deductible. 

*Contact the Purchasing Office at 303-273-3258 for assistance with the supporting documentation (except police report).

Certificates of Insurance

Occasionally Mines will need to provide to another party evidence of insurance coverages for liability, property, workers' compensation or other specifically identified insurance. Certificates of Insurance (COI) must be issued by the insurance carrier (State of Colorado).  Issuance of certificates requires specific information regarding the event, function, provision of services, or use of facility for which the certificate is to be issued.  All requests for  a COI must be submitted in writing to the Office of Risk Management by a Mines faculty or staff member needing the certificate. All certificates are issued specific to the intended purpose.

To request a Certificate of Insurance send e-mail to with the following information:

1. Name and contact information (phone, address, e-mail) of requestor
2. Reason for the request (i.e. use of JeffCo open space for geology field session)
3. Dates that the certificate needs to encompass