Mining Engineering Presentations at 2015 SME Annual Conference and Expo

Below is a list of all the papers presented by Mining Engineering students, faculty, and alumni at the 2015 SME Annual Conference and Expo in Denver:

Modeling Leakage though Utilization of Modern Software for a Historical Silver Mine by Jürgen Brune (Research Professor), Chelsea Pomeroy (MS), et al.

Optimizing Nitrogen Injection for Progressively Sealed Panels by Jonathan Marts (PHD), Richard Gilmore (PhD 2015), Jürgen Brune (Research Professor); John Grubb, (Research Adjunct); Saqib Saki (PHD)

Applying Optimized Underground Production Schedules in the Real World by Andrea Brickey (PHD)

A Comparison between Traditional Timbers and Rescue Struts for Mine Rescue Ground Control by Katherine Jennings (UG), Alex Robles (EMCIS staff), et al.

Evaluation of Maximum Permissible Permeation Grouting Pressure in Soft Ground by Laura Porra (MS May 2015)

Development of a Prototype Mine Dust Sampling Device for use in Underground Coal Mines by Benjamin Goertz (PhD), Kamran Baksh (PhD), Jürgen Brune (Research Professor), Sean McDaniel (UG), Tyler Rockley (UG)

The Anadarko Conventional Mining Oil Shale Project: Cost - Environmental - Economically Sound by Andy Schissler (Adjunct Professor) et al.

The Off and Now on Again Case for Using Broadband Over Power Lines in Underground Mining by C. Carl Brackpool (Research Associate)

Open Pit to Underground: Determining Crown Pillar Location Through NPV Optimization of Global Open Pit and Underground Production Schedules by Kadri Dagdelen (Professor) and Ismail Traore (MS 2014)

Road Tunnel Fire Management Strategies by Ryan Ostoyich (PhD) and Jürgen Brune (Research Professor)

Lessons Learned from Research About Methane in Coal Mine Gobs by Jürgen Brune (Research Professor), John Grubb (Adjunct Professor), Jonathan Marts (PHD), Saqib Saki (PHD), et al.

CFD Study of face Ventilation effect on Tailgate Methane Concentration and Explosive Mixture of Gob in Underground Longwall Coal Mining by Saqib Saki (PHD), Jürgen Brune (Research Professor), Jonathan Marts (PHD), Richard Gilmore (PhD 2015), John Grubb (Adjunct Professor), et al.

Comparison of Coal Mine Emergency Management and Rescue Practices in Germany and the United States by Melissa Anderson (UG), Jürgen Brune (Research Professor), et al.

International Mine Rescue Comparison: Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United States of America by Nicole Henderson (BS 2014) and Jürgen Brune (Research Professor)

Impact of Regulator Settings on the Formation of Explosive Gas Zones in Bleeder Ventilated Longwall Gobs by Richard Gilmore (PhD 2015), Jonathan Marts (PHD), Jürgen Brune (Research Professor), Saqib Saki (PHD), John Grubb (Research Adjunct), et al.


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