Mining Engineering Publications in 2015


Dr. Eunhye Kim published “Effect of skew angle on main precursor of frictional ignition in bench-scale simulation of excavation processes” in International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences and “Study of dynamic mechanical behavior of aluminum 7075-T6 with respect to diameters and L/D ratios using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB)” in Structural Engineering and Mechanics. Her paper, “The Water Saturation Effects on Dynamic Tensile Strength in Red and Buff Sandstones Studied with Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB)” was accepted to the 2015 International Conference on Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Rennie Kaunda published articles on two key topics: internal erosion in Computers and Geotechnics, and waste rock shear strength in International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering.

Prof. Petr co-published with student Eduardo Lozano “Design and testing of blast shield for different blasting applications” in Blasting and Fragmentation Journal.

Dr. Nelson’s “A Framework for the Future of Urban Underground Engineering” was accepted into Tunneling and Underground Space Technology.

Dr. Masami Nakagawa submitted a journal paper to Geothermal Energy Science, is working on a special edition on recent advances in geothermal for the American Institute of Physics and is also working on a book chapter for “New Frontiers in Oil and Gas Exploration”.

Dr. Brune will present the paper “Mine Ventilation Monitoring – Comparing Best Practices” in Australia, Germany and the U.S.A.

Dr. Elizabeth Holley published “The Veladero High-Sulfidation Epithermal Gold Deposit, El Indio-Pascua Belt, Argentina: Geochronology of Alunite and Jarosite” in Economic Geology and “The Pebble Mine Dialogue: A case study in public engagement and the social license to operate” in Resources Policy.


Two of our seniors presented at the International Mine Rescue Body Conference in Hannover, Germany, in September 2015. Katherine Jennings presented “A Comparison Between Traditional Timbers and Rescue Struts for Emergency Ground Control” and Levi Rawlings, co-authored with Dr. Jürgen Brune and Alexander Robles (EMCIS), presented “The Importance of Student Mine Rescue in the United States”.

Eduardo Lozano Sanchez published AXPRO’s research results Design and Testing of Blast Shield For Different Blasting Applications in the Journal of Blasting and Fragmentation in May 2015.

We had several students successfully defend their PhD dissertations in 2015, including Jon Marts (Dr. Brune, advisor) on “Nitrogen Injection in Progressively Sealed Longwall Gobs and the Formation of a Complete and Dynamic Seal”, Andrea Brickey (Dr. Kuchta & Dr. Newman [ME], advisors) on Underground Mine Production Schedule Optimization with Ventilation Constraints”, Cristobal Herrero (Dr. Ozbay, advisor) on “Quantifying the Effect of In-Situ Stresses and Pit Depth on Slope Stability by Incorporating Brittle Fracturing in Numerical Stress Model Analyses”, and Richard Gilmore (Dr. Brune & Dr. Bogin [ME], advisors) on “Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Underground Coal Longwall Gob Ventilation Systems Using a Developed Meshing Approach.”

This past winter the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) published a new manual, “Mine Rescue Manual: A Comprehensive Guide for Mine Rescue Team Members”, prepared and tested by our mine safety specialist Bob Ferriter and graduate student Christ Enright. Their work features clear descriptions, best-practice benchmarks, point-by-point checklists and diagrams. SME Executive Director David L. Kanagy praised the preparers for bringing together the best information available and melding it together into one concise reference manual.



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