Dining Services

Colorado School of Mines Dining Services are done by Sodexo.  


General Manager: Susan Fukushima, contact her at Susan.fukushima@sodexo.com

Retail Director: John Montano, contact him at John.Montano@sodexo.com  

Operations Director: Gary Southard, contact him at Gary.Southard@sodexo.com 

Executive Chef: Chris Hildebrand, contact him at Chris.Hildebrand@Sodexo.com 

Retail Manager: Brad Watson, contact him at Braden.Watson@sodexo.com 

Director of Catering: Tia Reese, contact her at tia.reese@sodexo.com 



Sodexo is an endorser of the EPA's food recovery challenge. This initiative was created in an attempt to reduce food waste by reusing leftovers or donating them to food banks in order that uneaten food is not thrown away. Instead, it is used in creative and productive ways that are more sustainable. Read more about it on Sodexo's website here. 

Sodexo is also committed, over the next five years to use eggs exclusively from cage-free sources. Read more about it here.

Sodexo is constanty ranked among the companies who have sustainable practices and was the only company within its industry to recieve a "Gold" class. Read more about Sodexo's awards in its news letter.