Undergraduate Programs

The Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) department supports undergraduate students seeking degrees in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Students choose an area of emphasis in either Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) or Statistics (STAT). Through extensive coursework, AMS students gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in a variety of career paths including computer information and software firms, energy systems firms, government agencies, consulting firms, engineering research labs and academic institutions, to name a few.

As an example, the senior capstone engages our students in solving problems of practical applicability for potential employers. This course is designed to simulate an industrial job or research environment; in small teams, students work for a client, make weekly reports and present final written and oral reports. The close collaboration with potential employers and professors improves students' communication and time management skills and builds a sense of confidence.




Mathematics and Statistics are the building blocks for engineering and the sciences. Our faculty and students conduct research in scientific computing, multivariate analysis, numerical analysis, spatial statistics, wave theory, biostatistics, multi-scale simulation, partial differential equations, inverse problems, uncertainty quantification and bio-mathematics.




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