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Recent security upgrades require Myschoolbuilding requesters to enter a password upon their next login, and the appearance of the login page has also changed. There is a registration dropdown section on the page - this is for new users only. Existing users DO NOT need to register.

To login, enter your Mines email address in the Email field above the registration section, and use the password "newuser". A second page should load with a message that the password has expired, and a new password can be created. Once complete, Myschoolbuilding should load. Please note that the default password to submit the work order in Myschoolbuilding is still "workorder".

Please use the Email Us link on the login page if you are still unable to create a new password.

Getting Started

Submit a work order request for all campus Construction, Maintenance, and Environmental Health & Safety needs. Your request will be routed to the appropriate department based on the problem type you select on the request form. Below is a guide to help you choose the correct problem type for the nature of your work request. Please review before submitting your work order.

For medical, fire, or personal safety emergencies, dial 911 to reach CSM Public Safety, or Golden Police, Fire, and ambulance services.

For hazardous materials incidents (leaks and spills) call the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department at 303-273-3316. This number is monitored by EHS personnel on a 24/7/365 basis.

Emergency maintenance requests can be immediately reported to Facilities by calling 303-273-3330, 8a to 5p, M-F, and after hour emergencies should be reported to Public Safety at 303-273-3333.

Campus Computing (CCIT) must be contacted via a Mines Help Center service request. This is for all telecommunication, computer, and networking requests.

Smaller request work i.e. office painting, furniture cleaning, etc. will no longer go through the full estimate process unless specifically asked for in the work order request.  Work that is approximately less than $300 will be completed using the work order request as the authorization of work completion, an index will be obtained to cover the costs. Communication through the work order system will be used prior to the start of work if the amount will be over $300 and will need index and approval.  

Guide to Problem Types

   ADA Accommodations: Disability-specific facility and operational matters.

   Building Commissions (FM Internal Use Only): Facilities Management support for capital projects.

   Construction (ODC): Changes to the physical environment (floors, walls, ceilings, interior and exterior finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing). Changes to the use of a room or other space. Planning and design services.

   Clerical (FM Internal Use Only): Facilities Management administrative office use only.

   Climate Control (FM): Building space temperature adjustments, HVAC equipment programming.

   Custodial (FM): All custodial services.

   Electrical (FM): Electrical maintenance.

   Elevators (FM): Elevator maintenance.

   Energy (FM Internal Use Only): Energy and utility use and tracking.

   Event Setup (FM): Event support, event setup, and takedown.

   Grounds (FM): All grounds keeping services; snow removal, moving services, event support.

   Health & Safety (Environmental Health and Safety): Hazard assessments, personal protective equipment selection, EHS training, indoor air quality assessment.

   HVAC (FM): Mechanical maintenance on climate control equipment.

   Key & Lock (FM): Access services, door repair.

   Laundry (Student Life): Washers and dryers in the Residence Halls, Mines Park Apartments’ Community Centers, and Greek Houses.

   Operational (FM): Building kitchen and appliance service.

   Parking (FM): All parking or parking lot related issues.

   Plumbing (FM): Plumbing maintenance.

   Recycling (FM): Single Stream, equipment disposal, document shredding and archives.

  Signage (FM): All building signage, placards, nameplates, etc.

   Structure (FM): Building maintenance to include paint, windows & doors, wall hangings. All student housing requests unless Custodial or Grounds services.

   Surplus (FM): Surplus property removal, disposal, and general moving services.

   Vehicle Maintenance (FM): Campus vehicle and heavy equipment fuel and maintenance.

   Vending Machines (Student Life): Service requests for all vending machines.

   Warehouse: Requests to the Mailroom for campus forms and Mines envelopes.


Access the Work Order Request Form Here (the default password to submit a work order is "workorder")

Request an Estimate (FM/ODC)

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