Thesis Checklist

Upon completing your thesis/dissertation, compare the following Checklist against a final copy of your manuscript. When all items in your manuscript conform to those specified on this Checklist, provide the signed Submittal Page (page ii of your thesis/dissertation) to the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) and electronically submit your thesis to ProQuest.

Format review of your manuscript will not commence prior to receipt of a signed Submittal Page in the OGS.

Sample ThesisPDF versionText only version


Thesis Formatting Checklist Print VersionPDF versionText only version

____ Fonts
        Style: Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica
        Size: 10-12 point type
        Same font size and style used consistently throughout thesis
        Black font
        No handwritten symbols in text or equations

____ Page Numbering
        Pages are centered, 3/4 inch from the bottom of the page
        Front Matter:  lower case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc)
        Body of Thesis: Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc)
             -Chapter one begins as page 1

____ Margins
        1” from all edges
        Text, figures, tables, equations, etc may not go beyond the 1" margin

____ Line Spacing and Indenting
        1½ or double line spacing in front matter
        1½ or double line spacing in all text in paragraphs
        Be consistent: if you use double spacing in the front matter, use double spacing in the main body text
             -Figure and Table captions are single spaced
             -Multi-line entries in the Table of Contents, Lists and References are single spaced.
        Use appropriate spacing between the text of paragraph and the Figure/Table captions to differentiate.
        Indent at the beginning of each paragraph

____ Text Alignment
        Left margin is justified
        Right margin is not justified

____ Titles (Title Page, Table of Contents, List of Figure/Tables, chapters, References, etc)
        Centered on page
        All capital letters
        Inverted pyramid

____ White Space
        Text must extend to the bottom of the page
        Figures/Tables do not need to directly follow the text referring to the figure/table.
             -If a figure/table won't fit:
                  -Refer the reader to the page where the figure/table can be found
                  -And move the next section of text up to the page with the white space.
        White space is only allowed:
             -At the end of a chapter
             -When a figure/table fills more than 50% of the page and no other text is added to the page
             -If the next 2 lines of a paragraph won't fit at the bottom of the page
             -If the next subheading + 2 lines of text won't fit at the bottom of the page

____ Thesis Length and File Size
        No upper page limit
        No file size restriction or

____ Copyright Permissions- Required if:

        Article has been published
          -Co-author permission
          -Publisher permission

        Article has been accepted for publication
          -Publisher permission
          -Co-author permission

        Article has been submitted, but no yet accepted/rejected by journal
          -Co-author permission

        Future publication, but not yet submitted
          -No permission needed

        There is not a Copyright permission form
        Permissions may be in the form of an email
        Add permissions at the end of the thesis or upload in ProQuest 


        Correct order and formatting


        Matches examplePDF versionText only version
        No page number
        Title is in all CAPITAL letters
        Title is centered vertically and horizontally on page
        Multi-lined titles appear as inverted pyramid
        Special characters in title are spelled out (section not §)
        Matches examplePDF versionText only version
        Numbered page ii
        Electronic copy (no signatures)
        Original submitted to OGS (with signatures) by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the upload deadline
        Copyright page examplePDF versionText only version
        See Formatting Requirements for more information Copyright Permissions
        Matches examplePDF versionText only version
        Brief statement of thesis problem, research method and report on major findings
        Generally 200-300 words in lenght
        Do not repeat thesis title
        Matches examplePDF versionText only version
        Double space unless:
             -Single line spacing for multi-line titles and captions
        Page numbers are preceded by ellipses (…) and are right justified
        Text does not extend beyond the last leader dot (...) for a clear line of sight of the page numbers
        Each list entry must appear exactly as it does in the text
           -Long figure and table captions can be shortened in the list
____ Lists- Required if included in thesis
        List of Figures-examplePDF versionText only version
        List of Tables-examplePDF versionText only version
        List of Equations (optional)
        List of Plates
        List of Symbols


____ Thesis Text
        Each Chapter, List, and Appendix begins on a new page
        Text alignment is consistent:
             -Left-margin justified
             -Right margin with ragged right edges
                  -Right margin justification only with NO extra white space between words
        Headings and subheadings are consistently formatted
        First line of each paragraph is indented
        No blank pages
        Text fills page except:
             -Or at the end of chapters
        No excess white space on page
____ Headings and Subheadings
        At least one paragraph of text between ALL headings and subheadings
             -Exceptions for chapters that have been previously published in a journal
        At least two lines of text after a heading or subheading before the end of a page
        Consistently formatted throughout the entire thesis
____ Journal Paper FormatPDF versionText only version
        Matches example
        Follow Mines requirements for Journal Paper Format
        Includes co-author and publisher permissions in an appendix
        Matches examplePDF versionText only version
        Must be listed in Front Matter in List of Figures or List of Tables
        Must be numbered, have captions, and be referenced in the text prior to appearing
        Must fit within margins
        Do not place figures/tables side by side
           -sequential figures/tablesPDF versionText only version need to follow one after the other
        No excess white space on page
        Figure/Table Number and Caption:
           - Captions are single spaced
           - Font is black and same style and size as all other font throughout thesis
           - Figure number and captions are placed directly below the figures
           - Table number and captions are placed directly above the tables
        Figure/Table Numbering:
           -1st number = chapter number
           -2nd number = figure/table number within the chapter
              -Example: Figure 2.4 is the 4th figure in chapter 2
        Large Figures/Tables that (are):      
             -Take up more than 50% of the page, may stand alone on the page
                   -Should have the caption on the preceding page,
                   -Followed by the figure/caption
             -Split over more than one page need to have:
                   -The 1st page labeled with the Figure/Table number and full caption
                   -Any additional pages labeled with the Figure/Table number + Continued.(ie. Figure 2.4 Continued)
             - Larger than 6"X9":
                   -Need to be shrunk to fit within the page with 1" margins or uploaded as supplemental files.
                   -Do not add pages larger than 8.5 X 11
             -Wider than tallPDF versionText only version need to be in landscape mode  
        Numbers in Text
            -Numbers at the beginning of a sentence should always be spelled out (one, two,...ten, eleven, etc)
            -Numbers in text; 1-9 spell out (one, two, etc), 10 and above use Arabic numerals (10,11, etc)
           - Must appear on separate line from other text
           - Must be centered on the page or indented
           -Are numbered
           -Equation numbers follow the same rule as figure/table numbers
               -Example: Equation 2.4 is the 4th equation in chapter 2
           -It is OK to split equations between pages
           -Equations in running text do not follow the same rules
        Consistent academic style of the discipline
        Only references cited in the text are included in References CitedPDF versionText only version
        All references listed in References Cited are included in the text
              -Double space between different references
              -Single space individual references
        Do not type URLs in blue
        Page numbers of appendices continue in same sequence and position as that used in body
        Appendices must be listed in the Table of Contents
        Figures and Tables in an appendix must be included in the List of Tables and List of Figures
        Figure, table and equation numbers in appendices are preceded with the appropriate appendix letter
             -For example, the first figure in Appendix A is labeled Figure A.1, etc.
        Supplemental electronic files must have a separate appendix listing and describing the files
        Supplemental File Appendix matches examplePDF versionText only version
        Supplemental electronic files are included in an appendix listing and describing the files
        Supplemental files must be uploaded separately from thesis
        There is no file size limitation on supplemental files