TMP Eligibility Certification Form
This form is for use for temporary exports of Mines “Tools of Trade” items under the Export Administration
Regulations. The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) control the export of items listed on the
Commerce Control List (CCL). It has been determined that the item stated below is listed on the CCL and is
control ed to your destination. The EAR, however, makes an exception to export license requirements for
the temporary export or re-export of certain tangible items, software, or technology for professional use as
long as specific criteria, to which you are certifying below, are met.
Please identify your place of travel, date of export and reentry, describe your item
below, and sign this Certification. Upon signature, please provide the completed form to the Office of
Research Administration (ORA) via email to ORA: mines.edu.
*Retain a copy for your records and to take with you to your destination.

Export Details:
Destination(s): __________________________
Date of export of item will be: ____________________ Date of Return to U.S. will be: _______________
Detailed Description of Item(s) to which this Certification applies: ________________________________

TMP Certification:
By my signature below, I certify the fol owing:

1. I am an employee of the Mines and will take the item(s) and its software abroad ONLY as a
"Tool of the trade” (15 CFR 740 (a)(2)(i)) of usual and reasonable kinds and quantities for
use in a lawful enterprise or undertaking;
2. I will return the Item(s) and its software to the US no later than 12 months from the date of
export unless they are certified by me to have been consumed or destroyed abroad during
this 12-month period (15 CFR §740 (a)(1));
3. I will maintain the item or software under my "effective control" while abroad. You
maintain effective control over an item when you either retain physical possession of the
item, or secure the item in such an environment as a hotel safe, a bonded warehouse, or a
locked or guarded exhibition facility (15 CFR 772.1);
4. I will not take the item or software to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria. I am
exporting this item to: ___________________________ (specific location) under the
authorization provided by 15 CFR 740.9(a)(2)(i) of the EAR, which, specifies that tools of the
trade may be exported under license exception TMP if 740(a)(2)(i)(A) or (a)(2)(i)(B) are met.
5. The item is a Tool of the Trade with an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) eligible
for export to the destination listed above under §740.9(a) (2) (i) (A).
The ECCN is:
6. The item exported under TMP does not contain data or software control ed by the EAR.


**Retention Period: 5 years after termination of funding period