November 18, 2016
Dear Mines Community~
Export control regulations have been in place in the U.S. for well over twenty years. It wasn’t until after
September 11, 2001 that universities started to focus on the regulations which then led to a heightened
focus in the late 2000’s. Export Control has certainly been a focus here at Mines which includes recent
efforts to provide clarity on the regulations to those in our campus community who may be impacted.
Export Control issues can arise while we are performing basic academic activities: conducting research,
teaching, shipping or importing goods/equipment, traveling overseas, collaborating with international
partner, sharing or disseminating knowledge and inventiveness, etc. The export laws affect all fields of
science and engineering and apply to universities, industries, as well as individuals. Thus, when research or
educational activities involve providing technology, data, or services to certain countries, foreign nationals,
in the U.S. or abroad, Mines’ community members need to be able to identify whether export control laws
and regulations are being met, or whether these are covered by the Fundamental Research Exception of
the export control regulations.
As such, it is essential for every member of the Mines’ community to be aware of the myriad of Export
Control laws and regulations, and the concerns that may arise through their work at Mines. To help better
inform you of the relevant regulations, we are creating a new local resource manual, launching a website
(http://inside.mines.edu/export-controls), identifying service offices (e.g., ORA, Compliance, Legal Services),
and providing programming to assist and inform faculty, staff, and students. These new resources are
intended to assist Mines’ community members with their export control questions.
If you do not find an answer to your export-related question in these materials, please ask questions and
seek out additional resources. The resources we are developing wil continue to evolve with your use and
Thank you to the entire Mines’ community for working together to build a stronger future.
Thomas Boyd, Ph.D.
Interim Provost
Kirsten M. Volpi
Tony Dean, Ph.D.