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Issued: June 1, 2009
Asst. Vice President Financial Planning &
Revised: October 1, 2016

Business Operations:


Pursuant to Section 24-101-105 of the C.R.S., on December 2008, the Board of
Trustees adopted a resolution exempting the Colorado School of Mines (“Mines” or
“University”) from the State of Colorado Procurement Code and Rules to be effective
December 2008.

These rules are designed to support and facilitate the educational, research, and public
service missions of the University through the acquisition of goods and services by
applying the best methods and business practices that provide for public confidence in
the University. Within the context of the University environment, these rules ensure a
procurement procuress of quality, integrity, broad-based competition, fair and equal
treatment of the business community, increased economy in the procurement process
and uniform procurement procedures.

Colorado School of Mines currently follows federal guidance 2 CFR part 215, including
without limitation paragraphs (a)(1), (2) and (3) of §215.44.


The Constitution and statutes of the State of Colorado vest the supervision of the
University in the Board of Trustees, which includes the authority for procurement. The
Board of Trustees has delegated to the President the administration of the University
pursuant to its policies, including the authority for procurement and to delegate that
authority to other University officials. Upon the effective date of these Procurement
Rules (“rules”), all procurement authority of the President of the University shall be
delegated to the University’s Assistant Vice President of Business Operations. The
Assistant Vice President of Business Operations may further delegate his/her authority
to persons in University departments for the efficient operation of the University. The
Assistant Vice President of Business Operations is the only person authorized to
purchase goods and services for the University, unless such specific delegation of
authority is made to another employee. Since no rules can cover all eventualities,
exceptional cases will be resolved as circumstances and prudent business practices
warrant. No employee of the University is empowered to incur any obligation or make
any commitment on behalf of the University for the procurement of goods or services,
except as provided under these rules.

Consistent with the provisions of these rules, the Assistant Vice President of Business
Operations may adopt operational procedures governing the internal purchasing
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functions of the University. Operational procedures governing purchases at the
department level using the University’s procurement card, voucher requests and field
purchase orders are handled by the Control er’s Office.

Under these rules, the Purchasing Department is the final authority at the University for
selection of vendors and the sole authority for the commitment of University funds with
respect to the procurement of goods and services.

The Assistant Vice President of Business Operations may, from time to time, amend
these rules with the approval of the President of the University.

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