Colorado School of Mines
Fleet Services

Requirements for Utility Vehicles
1. Required Safety Equipment
Al utility and courtesy service vehicles to be used on campus must be equipped with:

a. Headlamps

b. Multi-beam lamps (exempt if used only during light hours). Courtesy service vehicles must
have headlights but are not required to have multi-beam lamps.

c. Tail lamps

d. Stop lamps

e. Turn signals

f. Reflectors

g. Brakes

h. Parking Brake

i. Mirrors

j. Muffler (exempt if vehicle is electric powered)

k. Horn

l. Windshield wipers (exempt if not equipped with a windshield)

m. Slow moving vehicle emblem on back

n. Amber strobe light on roof (exempt if not equipped with a roof)

o. Seatbelts

p. Roll bar or similar structural system or device

q. Vehicles that are able to be registered titled and plated are preferred.

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Fleet Program
Updated 10/2014