Media Relations Policy
Responsible Administrative Unit:
Office of the President

Policy Contact:
Issued: September 2009
Director of Public Relations


It is critical to the reputation of Colorado School of Mines that all institution-related
communications with the media (i.e., print and online publications, television, radio and new
media) be accurate, appropriate and properly attributed. The following policy was developed to
offer clear guidelines to the campus community on media relations.


2.1 Institutional Outreach to the Media: All announcements to the media from the
Colorado School of Mines should be coordinated with the Public Relations Office.

2.2 Media Contact with the Institution or Individual Employees: When a media
representative asks a question involving a faculty or staff member’s expertise on a particular
topic, the employee may provide information directly to the media contact. Following the
interview, the employee should notify the Public Relations Office so related media stories
can be followed.

Media representatives who ask questions of an institutional nature should be referred to the
Public Relations Office for authorized responses. A faculty or staff member must obtain
approval from Public Relations in order to speak on behalf of the institution.

Information about students and employees is confidential; such requests should be referred
to the Public Relations Office or Legal Services.

2.3 Attributions: Faculty and staff who interact with the media must be clear in their public
communications that their work or opinions are the result of their own analysis and that they
do not represent the position of the institution. If a faculty or staff member believes the
media has misrepresented or misattributed his or her comments, the Office of Public
Relations should be contacted.


3.1 The Public Relations Office staff is available to advise faculty and staff in speaking to
the media or to offer background about media sources or stories.

3.2 Faculty and staff are encouraged to inform the Public Relations Office of research
activities, events, accomplishments and human interest stories that may be newsworthy.

3.3 Faculty and staff who have specialized knowledge that could be helpful to the media
should let the Public Relations Office know if they are willing to respond to related inquiries.