This Colorado School of Mines Procedures Manual for the Office of Academic Affairs is published and
maintained by the staff of the Provost. This Manual is not a repository of official Colorado School of
Mines policies. Instead, it is largely a compendium of procedures and information that have been
established to implement policy and facilitate operations in academic units under the general direction of
the Provost. It is a living document that is updated as policy evolves, and as improved and more
streamlined procedures are developed to implement policy. As such, the Office of Academic Affairs
welcomes constructive feedback on procedural improvements that facilitate interactions among the
academic units of the Colorado School of Mines and its administration.

A current copy of the Manual is maintained electronically on the Academic Policies website at

and academic units are encouraged to maintain an up-to-date hard-copy version of the Manual within
their Office and to make faculty and staff aware of its location and function.

Last Revision:

January 8, 2008



While the Academic Affairs Procedures Manual is maintained and controlled by the Office of Academic
Affairs, as its intent is to codify policy and procedures that implement, and in other ways supplement,
those contained in the Faculty Handbook, the Provost and the Office of Academic Affairs acknowledge
the need for transparency and broad community input regarding substantive changes made to the Manual.
As such, the following modification process shall be utilized in revising the Procedures Manual.

• Upon the final approval of all revisions to the Faculty Handbook, during the Summer term, the
Associate Provost shall review the existing Procedures Manual to:

o ensure compliance with revised Handbook language,
o ensure currency of content (e.g., hyperlinks, dated materials, etc.), and
o develop new Procedures Manual sections that respond to needs identified by external
constituencies (e.g., Handbook Committee, Senate, etc.) or Academic Affairs.

• All revisions developed over the Summer term shall be posted for a 30-day public comment
period at the beginning of the Fall semester.

• In addition, as Chair of the Faculty Handbook Committee, the Associate Provost will review
proposed changes with the Handbook Committee and request Handbook Committee feedback at
the first meeting of the Committee.

• The Associate Provost shall review feedback provided by the community and the Handbook
Committee with the Provost and, in response to this input, modify proposed Manual language as
directed by the Provost.

• Campus shall be notified, and the final Procedures Manual posted by October 1 of each academic

Last Revision:

July 3, 2014



CSM Faculty Handbook:

The Board of Trustees is the legal employer of all employees at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM).
The Board, which defines all exempt CSM employees as faculty, sets forth the general terms and
conditions of faculty employment in the CSM Faculty Handbook, and especially within Part II of that
Handbook. The most current version of the Faculty Handbook is maintained on the Academic Policies
web site at

Each academic department is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date copy of the Faculty Handbook
and informing department faculty/staff of its location.

Board of Trustees (BOT) Policies:

From time to time the Board issues policy on specific aspects of Colorado School of Mines’ operation.
Depending on the nature of the policy, these may be published in one of two venues:

• Section 10 of the Faculty Handbook (, and
• On the Board Policies Website (

Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins

These contain a variety of policies relevant to academic programs, registration and student life. The
Bulletins are updated annually. These may be accessed at

Travel Policies and Procedures

These are anchored at the site

Human Resources

A variety of human resources related items are anchored at following sites:

• Employee Benefits (
• New Employee Information (
• Complaint Hotline (

Environmental Health and Safety

A variety of EHS related items such as:

• EHS training
• EHS concern resolution and incident investigation
• Emergency preparedness
• Laboratory and research safety
• Chemical and hazardous waste management

are anchored at the site


Facilities Management Services

A variety of Facility Management Services related items such as:

• Mechanical (HVAC, Controls, Plumbing, Elevators)
• Electrical
• Structural Trades (General Building Maintenance, Access Services)
• Grounds (Landscape, Snow Removal, Athletic Fields/Complex)
• Custodial Services
• Distribution Services (Mail)
• Parking Services
• Fleet Management

are anchored at the site

Colorado School of Mines Web Pages

These are anchored at the site

and contain numerous links to academic, administrative, support and student services at CSM.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education

DHE (formerly CCHE) policy material is available at

Last Revision:

July 15, 2014



The Office of Academic Affairs is located on the third floor of Guggenheim Hall.

The Provost reports to the President and has oversight responsibility for all matters relating to the
academic mission of CSM. These responsibilities, some of which may be delegated, include:

• Oversight of ABET and HLC Self-Study preparations
• On-site visit coordination
• Oversight of institutional compliance with academic accreditation requirements
Budget Issues
• College budget requests and allocations
• Budget Committee (Academic Affairs Voting Member)
• Academic fund management

DHE Liaison
• Academic Council
• Statewide General Education
• Calendar Committee
• Academic Executive Committee
• Handbook Committee
• Faculty Awards Committee

Coordination of Faculty/Curriculum/Academic Planning
• Publication and facilitation of promotion and tenure processes
• Maintenance of AA Procedures Manual
• Sabbatical requests and follow-up
• Coordination and oversight of faculty hiring activities
• Curriculum oversight and review
• Development of institutional response to Visiting Committee reports
• Assessment of student learning outcomes
Deans and Colleges
• Annual evaluations of Deans
• Oversight of college operations
• Coordination of Commencements faculty marching lists
• August Faculty Conference
• New Faculty Orientation
• April Faculty Forum
Office of International Programs Oversight
Petroleum Institute Initiative
Registrar Oversight
Campus Computing and Information Technology Oversight
Library Oversight
Space Issues
• Academic space planning and allocations
Undergraduate Student Issues
• Curriculum development and implementation
• Complaints about academic issues
• Student academic progress monitoring and metrics
• Prior and post course approval signature sign-off


• Course substitution sign-off
• Student registration management
Graduate Student Issues
• Curriculum development and implementation
• Complaints about academic issues
• Student academic progress monitoring and metrics
• Graduate admissions and student registration management


Last Revision:

September 23, 2014