Governing Policies:

Section 6.1.3, Faculty Handbook – Specific Faculty Responsibilities

Requirements and Process:

As defined in paragraph C of section 6.1.3 of the Faculty Handbook, faculty are required to attend the
annual Faculty Conference in August and either the President’s Convocation in August, or the December
or May Commencement exercises.

Definition of Faculty:
In the context of participation in Faculty Conference, Commencement and Convocation, Faculty include
Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty, Teaching Faculty and Library Faculty. Faculty holding other titles
(e.g. Transitional, Research, etc.) are not required to participate in these activities. Space permitting, these
faculty may request permission to participate. Requests should be sent to Academic Affairs through the
faculty member’s respective Department Head.

Faculty Conference:
Faculty Conference is a beginning of the year welcoming and informational event organized by the Office
of Academic Affairs and held on the afternoon of the first Monday immediately prior to the start of each
Fall semester. Faculty Conference attendance is required of all faculty. In early August, the Office of
Academic Affairs will distribute specifics regarding the current year’s Conference.

Convocation is a ceremony that welcomes new undergraduate students to Mines and takes place on the
Saturday immediately prior to the start of classes each Fall semester. Convocation ceremony is held in
Bunker Auditorium (Green Center) and lasts about an hour. In early August, the Office of Academic
Affairs will contact Departments and request the names of 2 to 3 faculty to participate in Convocation.
Information specific to the current year’s Convocation Ceremony will be provided participating faculty
by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Commencement Exercises:
Mines holds formal Commencement ceremonies at the close of each regular (Fall and Spring) academic
semester. Sometime near the middle of the Fall semester, the Office of Academic Affairs will contact
Departments and request the names of 4 to 6 faculty to participate in the Fall Commencement Ceremony.
All faculty who have not participated in Convocation of Fall Commencement are required to participate
in the Spring Commencement Ceremony.

Faculty members who have advised PhD candidates participating in Commencement are expected to
participate in the PhD Hooding Ceremony that occurs immediately prior to the Commencement
Ceremony. If at all possible, Academic Affairs will schedule joint participation in the Commencement
Ceremony and the PhD Hooding Ceremony. If this is not possible, faculty advisors participating in the
Hooding Ceremony are not required to participate in an additional Commencement Ceremony.


In addition, Heads of Departments from which PhD candidates are participating in Commencement are
invited to participate in the PhD Hooding Ceremony.

Last Revision:

June 24, 2014



Commencement Ceremony Information:

Locations: December Ceremony – Recreation Center Activity Room 2, May Ceremony – Marquez Hall
Room MZ126

Time: Arrival – 8:30 to 9:00 am, Procession line up – 9:15 am, Ceremony start – 9:30 am.

Academic Regalia: Faculty participating in Commencement activities should be dressed in Academic
Regalia. If faculty do not have their own regalia, they may borrow regalia from Academic Affairs.
Regalia may be picked up prior to the Commencement ceremonies. Faculty do not need to reserve regalia.

PhD Hooding Ceremony Information:

Location: Green Center – Friedhoff Hall

Academic Regalia: Advisors and Department Heads should be dressed in Academic Regalia for the
Hooding Ceremony. If you do not have regalia you should contact the Graduate Office to reserve regalia.
Please include your height in your email to Suzanne. Prior to the Hooding Ceremony, you may pick up
your reserved regalia in the Petroleum Hall Prep Room beginning at 7:00 am Commencement day. Within
30 minutes of the conclusion of the Commencement Ceremony, return gowns to the same location you
received it.

Advisor Arrival for Hooding Ceremony: Arrive at Friedhoff Hall no later than 7:30 am to join your
advisee and their guests for the buffet breakfast. The ceremony will begin promptly at 8:00 am.

Department Head Arrival for Hooding Ceremony: Arrive at Friedhoff Hall no later than 7:30 am. If space
is available, please feel free to join your advisee and their guests for the buffet breakfast. If space is not
available, a separate table will be provided for Department Heads. The ceremony will begin promptly at
8:00 am.

Advisor Participation: During the Hooding Ceremony, advisors sit with their advisees and guests for a
buffet breakfast. At the appropriate time, candidates and advisors are lined up to the right of the stage.
During line up the advisor will receive a hood to carry, draped on the right arm. As the candidate is
called, the advisor should approach the stage allowing the candidate to proceed first. Continue to the
center of the stage for hooding.

As the VPRTT calls each candidate to the stage, he/she will announce their information (dissertation title,
hooding advisor, etc). During this reading, the advisor will hood candidate and shake hands. Guests may
approach the stage to take photos at this time. When the announcement and hooding is complete both
advisor and candidate exit the stage (advisors with multiple advisees will receive special instructions prior
to the event), opposite of entry point and return to their assigned table.

Department Head Participation: At the appropriate time, Department Heads are positioned just in front of
the first advisee from their department to receive a PhD Hood. Directly preceding the first candidate and
advisee, the Department Head should walk on stage and take position next to the Provost and the
Graduate Dean in the receiving line that congratulates each candidate and advisor. Immediately following
the last advisee from their department, the Department Head should follow the candidate off stage.


Last Revision:

July 17, 2014



Faculty members who are on sabbatical are not required to attend University activities. If a faculty
member must excuse herself/himself from participation in Faculty Conference, Convocation or
Commencement activities, she/he must make a formal written request to the Provost that has been
approved by the faculty member’s Department Head.

Last Revision:

June 24, 2014