Cayuse SP Upgrade
August 9, 2017

Why are we upgrading?
Evisions is providing an upgrade to Cayuse SP v3.6, which will improve overall
What are the pros to upgrading?

Continued support from Evisions

Faster processing speeds

Several enhancements to existing Cayuse SP features will be helpful, and many bugs
have been resolved
What are the cons to upgrading?

Dealing with change – ACK!

Campus-wide rollout could present unforeseen issues (which ORA will help resolve!)

Key Enhancements, Changes and Bug Fixes

Increased speed

More sophisticated search features

Index/Account Number field was removed with v3.5, the chief reason we chose not to upgrade at the time, but
has since returned

New "Award Status" and "Project Status" drop-down fields give easy updates

Column filters added in dashboards and search windows

For fiscal officers, Proposal, Project, and Award Searches have been combined into the Project Dashboard

"Search Again" function in pop-up window works now (ie: searching by PI)

"Back to Search Results" finally takes you back to your search results

Can search for any personnel listed in Research Team, instead of just Lead PI or Investigator

Can filter notes and attachments based on the file type (ie: "Budget" for attachments, "Award" for notes)

Starting a Proposal

PI ability to start a new proposal, upload attachments and submit for routing is unchanged.


Award Dashboard search filters allow you to more quickly find your awards by searching any


Fiscal Officers can search by PI


PIs can search by Sponsor


Award Status field added

As an award progresses through its review, the Award Status will be updated as needed

New Award Status field

Will have new drop down options:

Received – Pending Review (when ORA
first receives award)

Received – In Review (when award is
routed to contract admin)

Pending Banner Setup

In Negotiations with Sponsor


Hold for Compliance

Hold for Missing/Revised Docs

Pending Grant Admin Review (when
award is routed to grant admin)

Setup Complete


Project Status field added

Project Status will remain "Active" until project enters into Closeout
Project Status Dropdown Options:
• Active
• Reviewing for Closeout
• Closed

Enhancement – Fiscal Officers

Project Dashboard combines Proposal Admin with Award Admin

Process Review – Fiscal Officers

Project Dashboard – Searching via Sponsor Award Number

You can still use the search toolbar to search for your Awards by index

Process Review – Fiscal Officers

Project Dashboard – Search results for Sponsor Award Number
NOTE: "View Al " is no
longer an option for
multiple page results.

Process Review – Fiscal Officers

Project Dashboard – Searching via Proposal/Project Title

You can still use the search toolbar to search for proposals by title, PI, proposal number


Project Dashboard – Searching via Research Team Member
You can now search for
everyone associated with a
specific award, project, or
proposal. If the results are not
what you are looking for, you
no longer have to go back to
the dashboard. Simply click on
the "Search Again" option to go
back to the search field.

If you have any questions about the Cayuse SP upgrade, please reach out

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