Confidentiality Agreement for Access to Banner and ODS


Banner is the data system wherein all electronic personnel records are stored and from
which Payroll is generated. ODS is the data storehouse that is used for writing reports from
the Banner data. Included are records of employees, retirees, former employees, student
workers, and former student workers. Certain employees of CSM have jobs whose duties
include the entry, processing and use of these electronic records. Many of these records
contain personal information about employees and are confidential and private. Additionally,
because the system creates pay, access to records must be limited and monitored. Access
may only be granted if the access is consistent with appropriate separation-of-duties
safeguards, as well as with internal policies and procedures regulating the entry, use or
viewing of such records. Employees whose jobs require working with or using the data
contained within the HRS or Banner systems will be given access only to that information
necessary for the performance of their jobs.


By my signature below, I understand that my work requires me to access certain personnel
records or the processes necessary to use such records. In the course of performing my job,
I understand that I will have access to, use, and become aware of information regarding
employees and applicants that is confidential. I understand that unauthorized disclosure of
such information is not permitted. Further, I understand that when working with such
information, I must take active steps to safeguard such information from the casual
observation by others who are not authorized to see the information. I agree that any
confidential information I am using or accessing will be safeguarded or put away in the event
that I leave my work area. Further, I agree that I will not disclose or otherwise share
confidential information in any manner with those not authorized to have such information. I
also understand and agree that I may not inappropriately perform operations within Banner
or ODS that are outside of the scope of my job duties. I understand that compliance with the
above and my completion of this agreement constitute terms and conditions of my
employment with the Colorado School of Mines. I also understand and agree that violation of
these restrictions can lead to disciplinary action and the possible termination of my
employment with the Colorado School of Mines.


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