Campus Colleagues,
Creating an ethical and safe workplace is of the utmost importance to Mines leadership. Mines expects
its faculty, staff, graduate teaching and research assistants, undergrad student employees, and
volunteers to perform the duties of their positions ethically and with integrity. Section 6 of the Faculty
Handbook, Section 4 of the State Employee Handbook, and the Student Code of Conduct provide more
detailed explanations of these expectations.
We all share the responsibility of creating a highly ethical, positive campus environment. This includes
the responsibility to SpeakUP when you see or experience misconduct of any kind. Mines provides
various mechanisms to assist and encourage individuals to come forward with reports or concerns about
suspected misconduct and compliance issues. While partnering with your supervisor or department
head to address concerns is best, we understand that there may be times when you feel uncomfortable
pursuing such interactions.
Mines has a third-party reporting system called SpeakUP@Mines. This system al ows you to use an
outside party to advise Mines of misconduct or areas of concern. Your concerns can be anonymous if
you so choose when making a report. The SpeakUP@Mines webpage contains reporting and contact
The Whistleblower Policy provides protection to report without fear of reprisal or retaliation.
Whistleblower reports made to a supervisor or department head are to be forwarded immediately to
the Director of Internal Audit upon receipt by the supervisor or other personnel.
The reporting tool is not designed or intended for day-to-day disagreements or differences of perspective
(these issues should be addressed with your supervisor, department head, or leadership team member).
The reporting tool is NOT for emergencies—call 9-1-1 to obtain immediate assistance from Campus
I, the undersigned Colorado School of Mines employee, acknowledge receiving the above information. I
understand I am supposed to perform my job duties ethical y and with integrity. My signature below
indicates my acknowledgement of this responsibility.

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Rev 02.27.2017