Search Chair Name: _________________ Position Being Searched: __________________________ Date: ________

1. All committee members attend PageUp training. Contact Deb Wernli or Michelle Darveau to schedule.

2. (Optional) - Chair and one other committee member review for Pass/Fail. Request “Hiring Manager” (HM)
change the disposition of the failing applicants to “Pass Fail Unsuccessful” which generates an email informing
them that they are no longer being considered.

3. Full Committee Review
Each committee member reviews applications in PageUp based on approved search criteria, scores each
criterion and records job-related comments to back up the scores. You should NOT use the “Selection
Criteria Outcome” field at the bottom of the score card; it is not tied to the scoring/ranking report.
Each committee member should run the Report “Search Committee Member Review Data” or “Search
Committee Chair Review Data” to ensure that they did not miss any scores.
Inform Chair that the review has been completed.

(Be sure to save the report as an Excel spreadsheet and attach it to the job in PageUp before any applicant statuses
are changed. Chairs are also encouraged to share the report in Excel with the committee.)

Meet to establish short-list of candidates. Inform HM of applicants not moving forward so that HM can
change their status. You may leave candidates in “New” status if you are not yet ready to dismiss them.
(Optional) Conduct phone interviews. (NOTE: The “Hiring Manager” creates the phone interview time
slots in PageUp and invites the applicants.)

4. On Campus Interviews
Assure reference checks are completed.
Write recommendation memo to DHDD, Collee Dean (if applicable) and Provost/Vice President for
Once approval has been granted, inform HM which applicants will be invited to campus. HM creates
campus interview time slots in PageUp and invites the finalists.
Request HM change dispositions of those candidates no longer being considered.
(Optional) Request Welcome to Mines/Golden Packet(s) from HR for out of state candidates.

5. Offers
Hiring Manager initiates the offer process by placing the finalist in the status of “Pre-Offer Salary
Request” and then completing the offer card for approvals.
Once the offer has been approved, a verbal offer can be made, followed by the formal offer letter.
Note: Academic Affairs approves and prepares/sends the offer letter for ALL administrative and
academic faculty in departments that report to Academic Affairs.

6. Closing the search
o Make sure that every applicant has been changed to a final disposition and has been notified of
their status.
o Chair or HM must attach any search documentation not already contained in PageUp to the job. This
would include the following:
Committee scoring/ranking report
Copies of correspondence sent to candidates outside of PageUp
Interview questions and/or notes from each committee member
Any notes generated by the committee in the decision-making process
Recommendation memos

All steps must be completed in order to meet record keeping requirements.

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