Berthoud Fire Alarm & Mass Notification Project 7-1 to 8-30

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Berthoud Fire Alarm & Mass Notification Project 7-1 to 8-30


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1801 Moly Road

Golden, CO  80401

(303) 273-3330 Phone


Notification Date: June 13, 2019

To: Berthoud Hall Occupants

From: David Feron

Emergency Contact Info: 301-461-5354

Outage Date: July 1 to August 30,2019

Outage Time: 7:00am – 4:00pm daily

System(s) Involved: Building Fire Alarm System

Purpose: To upgrade the building fire alarm system in Berthoud Hall to a mass notification system.

Effect(s) on Occupants: The fire alarm and mass notification system upgrade for Berthoud Hall begins in July for approximately 2-months.  Contractors will be working in all building spaces to replace fire alarm horns and strobes. 

There will be separate notices for any alarm system testing.

The basic scope is:

  1. Replacement of  wall-mounted fire alarm annunciation devices throughout the building.
  2. Upgrades to fire alarm panels.
  3. Fire alarm system impairments will be monitored by the installing contractor to maintain continuity of the system.
  4. Bi-weekly construction progress meetings. 

Please notify all personnel affected by these construction activities.  If this work creates an unmanageable problem, or you desire additional information, please call 303-273-3330.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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