Department of Geology and Geological Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

Dr. Poeter retired in July of 2008 and taught classes until May of 2011


Doctoral Students

Judith Schenk, Model Selection


Past PhD Students

Tristan Wellman, 2005, Use of Low-Cost Data to Simulate Fractured-Aquifer Watersheds for Management of Water Quality and Quantity. (M.S. New Mexico Tech) Current Employer: USGS, Denver, CO.

Ray Johnson, 2004, Characterization of subsurface DNAPL movement with ground penetrating radar and inverse multiphase flow simulations. (M.S. University of Waterloo) Current Employer: USGS, Denver, CO.

Dwaine Edington, 2004, Geologic modeling of fluvial deposits for input to flow and transport models using fuzzy logic. (B.S. Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines), Current Employer: Geomega, Boulder, CO.

William Wingle, PhD Geological Engineering, 1997, Evaluating subsurface uncertainty using modified geostatistical techniques, (B.S. Business Administration, Denver University, B.S. and M.E. Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines) Current Employer: Wingle Hydrogeology, Golden CO and CorAccess, Denver CO.

Evan Anderman, 1996, Use of advective travel time as an observation for inverse flow modeling. (B.S. Princeton University, M.S. Colorado School of Mines) Current Employer: Independent, Denver, CO.

Peter Folger, 1995, A multidisciplinary study of the variability of dissolved 222Rn in ground water in a fractured crystalline rock aquifer and its impact on indoor air, Current Employer: American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC.

Sean McKenna, 1994, Utilization of soft data for uncertainty reduction in groundwater flow and transport modeling, T4291 Advisor Eileen Poeter, B.A. Geology, Carleton College, M.S. Hydrology University of Nevada, Reno, Current Employer: Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM.

Petko Zlatev, 1991, Interpretation of two-dimensional characteristics of stochastic fractal aquifer heterogeneity models from one-dimensional sampling, Current Employer: AquAeTer, Englewood, CO.

Past Master's Students

Sophia Seo, 2010, Interfacial phenomena associated with DNAPL mixtures and Coupling Unsaturated/Sautrated Flow Models and Coupling of MODFLOW and HYDRUS

Clinton Carney, 2009, Use of Diverse Data and Determination of the Most Useful Additional Data for Management of a Ground-Water System over a portion of the Ogallala Aquifer.

Scott Formolo, 2009, Estimating source term for ground water contamination via time series analysis.

Kimberly McDugle, 2008, Estimating source term for ground water contamination via flow and transport model inversion.

Bill Paul, 2007, Water Budget of a Mountain Residence, Turkey Creek Basin CO.

Stephanie Schmidt (fomerly Ashley), 2007, Evaluation of Alternative Conceptual Models for Response of the Ground Water Flow System to Plugging of the Dinero Tunnel, Leadville, CO.

Mike LeFrancois, 2006, Estimating source term for ground water contamination.

Kathleen Dano, 2004, The fate of individual sewage disposal system effluent in Turkey Creek Basin, Colorado.

Greg Vanderbeek, 2003, Estimating recharge and storage coefficient in a fractured rock aquifer, Turkey Creek Basin, Jefferson County, Colorado

Samantha Curtis (formerly Tokash), 2003, Characterizing the Ground-Water System in the Upper Snake River / Deer Creek Drainages Near Montezuma CO

Thomas Peebles, 2000, Mechanisms of groundwater contamination at a fluvial tailings site, Leadville, Colorado

Lance King, 1999, Hydraulic conductivity reductions due to clay dispersion in alluvial sediments impacted by sodium-rich water.

Michael McCormick, 1999, An investigation of oil-field produced water migration in ground water using numerical modeling and parameter estimation at Weld-County Waste Disposal, Fort Lupton, Colorad

Andrew Flynn, 1998, Application of UCODE to evaluate ground-water flow at the Glenrock Mine, Converse County, Glenrock, Wyoming

Steven Lindblom,1997, Stream aquifer interaction in an ephemeral stream near Golden, Colorado

Barbara Ford, 1996, The use of inverse modeling to determine aquifer characteristics at the Louisiana Army Munitions Plant followed by solute transport modeling to delineate plumes of ground-water contamination

Amy Johnson, 1995, A geostatistical evaluation of the unconfined aquifer underlying the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Commerce City, Colorado, ER4537 Advisor Eileen Poeter. Current Employer, Rocky Hills Web Design, Evergreen CO.

Steven Hannula, 1995, Temporal and spatial variations of hydraulic conductivity in a stream bed in Golden, Colorado

Lisa Bissett, 1994, Field assessment of stream/aquifer interaction under semi-arid conditions and problems with computer representation

Kathleen Sander, 1994, Characterization of DNAPL movement in saturated porous media using ground penetrating radar

Evan Anderman, 1993, Stream-aquifer interaction in the Denver Basin

Nicholas Kiusalaas, 1992, Estimation of groundwater recharge using neutron probe moisture readings near Golden, Colorado,

Sigurd Jaunarajs, 1991, A modeling approach for assessing the feasibility of ground-water withdrawal from the Denver Basin during periods of drought

Peter Townsend, 1991, Multiple indicator conditional stochastic simulations of a section of the unconfined aquifer at the Hanford site, Richland, WA

William Wingle, 1991, Development of guidelines for inverse-method ground water flow modeling

Errol Lawrence, 1990, Hydrogeologic and geochemical processes affecting the distribution of 222Rn and its parent radionuclides in ground water

Judith Schenk, 1990, RIVINT - Computer program for surface water/groundwater interactions and its application to the Denver Basin, CO

Gregory Naugle, 1989, Characterization of hydrofacies in the 300 area, Hanford Nuclear Reservation, WA

Wayne Belcher, 1988, Assessment of aquifer heterogeneities at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, WA, using inverse contaminant plume analyses

Nino Aimo, 1987, Preliminary numerical study of the effects of fluctuating river level on solute transport within riverbank aquifers

John Doughty, 1987, Evaluation of borehole acoustic wave logs for the location and characterization of fractures in basalt

Sheila Pachernegg, 1987, Ground water flow and solute transport modeling of the lakes area, Thurston County, Washington

Thomas Wood, 1987, Definition of the hydrostratigraphy of the Creston, WA area from geophysical logs pump tests, and tracer tests

Thomas Briggs, 1986, The influence of fracture aperture on the propagation of acoustic waves along a fluid-filled borehole

Sharon Hunt, 1986, Estimating groundwater travel times in heterogeneous media

John Kulhman, 1986, Three-dimensional and quasi-three-dimensional groundwater modeling at a hazardous waste site

George Landle, 1986, Computer modeling of ground water and Bouger gravity data in the Northern Long Valley, west-central Idaho

David Livesay, 1986, Geohydrology of the Cold Creek Syncline, WA

Petko Zlatev, 1986, Physical modeling of the full acoustic waveform in a fractured fluid-filled borehole

Timothy Cook, 985, Application and limitations of earth resistivity as a technique for monitoring leachate near the Colbert Landfill, Spokane County, Washington

Kevin Lakey, 1985, Physical modeling of the full acoustic wave train in a borehole with a perpendicular fracture

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