Dr. Robert (Rob) Braun, Assistant Professor


Division of Engineering

George Brown Hall

Colorado School of Mines

1610 Illinois Street

Golden, CO 80401


Email:  rbraun@mines.edu

Tel:       (303) 273 – 3055

Fax:      (303) 273 – 3602



Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Marquette University, 1995

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Marquette University, 1992




General:  Systems Architecture and modeling and simulation of transport phenomena and chemical processes within fuel cell and advanced energy systems.


· Fuel cell system modeling, design, analysis, and optimization

· Biofuels production, utilization, and plant simulation

· Integrated coal gasification power plants

· Techno-economic, exergetic, and life cycle analyses of energy systems

· Advanced energy systems modeling and analysis (solar thermal, organic rankine cycles, advanced refrigeration)




· Dynamic modeling and operating strategies for liquid-fueled SOFC power systems

· Systems modeling and analysis of biorefineries

· System design, modeling, and optimization of IGCC/IGFC plants employing advanced air separation and hot gas cleanup technologies




2008 –Present    Assistant Professor, Division of Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

2002 – 2007       Project Leader, United Technologies Research Center, E. Hartford, CT. Most recently led UTRC SOFC mobile power systems development and was responsible for 2 teams of engineers.  Dr. Braun has also led system design and optimization studies on SOFC-CHP systems for stationary and aircraft applications, co-led laboratory testing and components integration of a CO2-based refrigeration system, and has performed PEMFC and PAFC systems model development, simulation, and validation on durability improvement programs for various UTC Power fuel cell programs.

2001                     Visiting Researcher, Technical University of Munich, E-19 Physics, Garching, Germany

1998-2002          Research Assistant, Solar Energy Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1995-1997          R&D Project Engineer, Cleaver-Brooks, Milwaukee, WI. Several years experience in commercial boiler fan design, Low-NOx burner development, and waste heat recovery heat exchanger design




· Publication Award, United Technologies Research Center, 2007

· Vilas Travel Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2001

· Edwin A. Link Energy Foundation Fellow, 2000

· ASHRAE Life Members Award, 1999




· R.J. Braun, M. Gummalla, A. Pandy, J. Yamanis, “System Architectures for SOFC-based APUs in Future Commercial Aircraft Applications,” to appear in ASME Journal of Fuel Cell Science, Engineering, and Technology, (2008).

· R.J. Braun, S.A. Klein, D.T. Reindl, “Techno-economic optimal design and application of SOFC systems for residential micro-CHP applications in the U.S.” to appear in ASME Journal of Fuel Cell Science, Engineering, and Technology, (2008).

· R.J. Braun, S.A. Klein, D.T. Reindl, “Evaluation of system configurations for SOFC-based micro-CHP systems in residential applications,” J.Power Sources 158 (2006) 1290-1305.

· R.J. Braun, S.A. Klein, D.T. Reindl, “Considerations in the Design and Application of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Energy Systems in Residential Markets”, ASHRAE Transactions, 110, Part I (2004).

· R.J. Braun, R.A. Gaggioli, W.R. Dunbar, “Improvements of a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Power Plant via Exergy Analysis,” ASME J. Energy Resource Technology, (1999).

· 4 patent applications in the areas of fuel cell systems and HVAC diagnostics



Thermodynamics I (EG371), Thermodynamics II with Application to IC Engines (EG403), Heat Transfer, Design of Thermal Systems, Powerplant Technology, Alternative Energy Systems