Table of Microbia System Comparison

Research Interests

For over 20 years, I have working on problems of trace elements in the environment, especially questions on the formation of mine drainage and its treatment. This has lead me into the area of passive treatment of contaminated waters using microbial methods.The table on the right outlines some of the guidelines that I use in designing such systems. Of course, this leads to the study of what happens to contaminants when they are removed in such passive treatment systems. The graph below is an example of the questions that arise when determining how metals are removed. Solving problems on how to treat contaminated waters has lead me into engineering design projects. This area of my research I call geochemical engineering.

Recent Publications

Teaching Interests

My educational background is in physical chemistry, and this and analytical instrumentation is what I teach. My research interests of trace contaminants in water complement the instrumental analysis courses that I have developed. In physical chemistry, I have been busy developing modern experiments that demonstrate the principles to chemical engineers as well as chemists. Because the application of principles is strongly emphasized at CSM, designing such courses and labs is always a challenge.

Professional Activities

I am quite active in the Geochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Chemical Education Divisions of the ACS. I had the opportunity to be a founding member and early chairman of the Geochemistry Division. This year I'm training to be the Program Chair of the Chemical Education Division, and will assume that position in 1997. On the mining side, I am a life member of the American Society of Surface Mining and Reclamation (ASSMR). For the last five years, I have given a short course on mine closure and treatment of mine waters at the annual ASSMR meeting. For the last four years, I have also given a short course on mine closure at the annual SME meeting.

Other Interests

I keep a regular schedule of running; go hiking with my wife every week; and try to get in as much camping, back-packing, and fishing as possible.

Photo of Dr. Wildeman collecting samples