Photo of Dr. Ali Tura

Dr. Ali Tura

  • Professor of Geophysics and Director of RCP
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Engineering
  • M.S., University of California, Berkeley, Engineering
  • B.S., Istanbul University, Istanbul, Geophysics
  • My work experience in a nut shell:
  • - Tulip Geosciences: Chief Scientist
  • - ConocoPhillips: Senior Fellow
  • - Chevron: Geophysical Advisor
  • - LBNL, Shell, Total, 4th Wave Imaging


  • My research interests are in the areas of:
  • - Reservoir characterization
  • - Seismic data processing
  • - Seismic data analysis
  • - Time-lapse seismic
  • - Rock physics
  • - Fiber optic technology
  • - Data analytics


  • My latest interest is in the area of distributed FIBER OPTIC sensing in the subsurface. This is a growing field that has large potential to understand unconventional completions, simulated and drained rock volume.
  • Also, using DATA ANALYTICS to invert problems with complex physics.


  • Please visit the 'Publications' tab at: