The best reason to be a professor at Mines. (The other stuff can be done elsewhere.) I taught geophysics and computer science to Mines students.

Programming Concepts in Java

CSCI 261, Spring, 2015
In science and engineering today, we implement, simulate, and test new ideas with computer software. During their careers Mines graduates will use some of the world's most powerful computing machines. This course is a first step towards using them well. Learn more ...

Digital Analysis

GPGN 404, Fall, 2014
We live in a digital world. Speech, image, video, almost any signal worth measuring today is a sampled function of time, space, or both. In this course we learn the special characteristics of these digital signals, and how to analyze and enhance them with computers. Learn more ...

Geophysical Computing

GPGN 535, Fall, 2013
Geophysical data volumes are vast and growing, and raw geophysical data are not easily understood. To make sense of these data today requires 2D, 3D and 4D image processing, numerical solutions of partial differential equations, data structures beyond simple arrays, interactive graphics, and parallel computing on increasingly multicore systems, using multiple programming languages and frameworks. Let's do this. Learn more ...