Professor (Physics)

PhD GANIL / Univ. Caen (France) 1999

Engineer ISMRA ENSI Caen (France) 1996


I am an experimental nuclear and astroparticle physicist in the subatomic group of the physics department at Mines. My research activity spans about 14 orders of magnitude in energy, from the MeV (1MeV=106eV) in low-energy nuclear physics to the hundreds of EeV (1EeV=1018eV) in cosmic-ray physics. I am also involved in medical isotope production using the USGS 1MW TRIGA reactor at the Federal Center in Lakewood. I regularly teach (Honors) Modern Physics (PHGN300/310), Advanced Laboratory II (PHGN326) and Nuclear Physics (PHGN422). Last year, I taught the introductory of Astronomy and Astrophysics (PHGN324) course for the first time. I also advise a number of senior design students every year. Those projects represent an important aspect of my research projects.

Curriculum Vitae (to be updated - not available):   Short    Full

Interested by my research program? Please drop by my office or email me. I am always looking for good students [Senior design / MSc / PhD]

Contact Information

Department of Physics

1523, Illinois Street

Golden, CO 80401

Office: CoorsTek 308

Phone: (303) 273 3283

Fax: (303) 273 3919


Middle: inside the SHARC detector array (TRIUMF, Vancouver BC) - photo courtesy of: C.A.Diget

Right: a cosmic-ray surface detector of the R&D Array (RDA) in Lamar, CO