Photo of Gauen Rhys Alexander

Gauen Rhys Alexander

  • Underground Construction and Tunneling
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • 2015 BS, civil engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 2016 MS, civil engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, focus in geotechnical earthquake engineering


  • My current doctoral research project is Adaptive TBM Tunneling for Variable Ground Conditions with a focus on the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel.
  • Other broad research interests include geomechanics, ground response analysis, earthquake engineering, soil-tunnel interaction, and slope stability. In my undergraduate studies, much of my work focused on cementitious properties of fly ash for possible beneficial reuse applications. I also spent extensive time in a commercial geotechnical laboratory, learning about fundamentals of soil mechanics and soil testing. In industry, much of my work was focused on landfill design, especially slope stability issues. One of my most interesting projects while working in industry was the derivation of a new infinite slope stability model to evaluate the effects of combined seismic, gas pressure, and seepage on a geosynthetic-lined landfill slope.
  • Long term, I would like to evaluate the application of tunnels in extraterrestrial environments, for both resource extraction and habitation.


  • hiking
  • cooking