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CSCI 473/573: Human-Centered Robotics

Marquez Hall 326, Mon/Wed 7:30-8:45 AM, Spring 2021

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This page is finalized on 4/27/2021.

Project NameDate AssignedDue Date
1. Learning Robot Operating System (ROS)

Write-up for Deliverable 1 (Task 1).
Write-up for Deliverable 2 (Tasks 2 and 3).

Note: Physical installation of Ubuntu is recommended.
If you use VirtualBox, follow the Instruction4VirtualBox instructions.

Project 1 feedback.
February 01 Deliverable 1 Due: February 08, 23:59:59
Deliverable 2 Due: February 22, 23:59:59

*Late submission period applies.
2. Reinforcement Learning for Robot Wall Following

Deliverable 1: Write-up, Note slides, Discussion video.
Deliverable 2: Write-up, Note slides, Discussion video (starting at 36:30).
Deliverable 2: Write-up, Latex Tutorial.
March 03 Deliverable 1 Due: March 16, 23:59:59
Deliverable 1 Due: March 18, 23:59:59
(Deadline extended due to winter storm)

Deliverable 2 Due: March 25, 23:59:59
Deliverable 2 Due: March 26, 23:59:59

Deliverable 3 Due: April 07, 23:59:59

*Late submission period applies.
3. Robot Understanding of Human Behaviors Using Skeleton-Based Representations

Deliverable 1: Write-up, Note slides, Discussion video.
Deliverable 2: Write-up, Note slides, Discussion video.
Deliverable 3: Write-up.

Project dataset: dataset.tar.gz
If you are interested in the full dataset, here it is: dataset_full.tar.gz

April 12
Deliverable 1 Due: April 21, 23:59:59
Deliverable 2 Due: April 30, 23:59:59
Deliverable 3 Due: May 05, 23:59:59

*Late submission period applied to P3-D1 and P3-D2.
**Late submission period NOT applied to P3-D3, due to time constraints for grading.
4. Course Evaluation (Optional, 1 extra credit)

Note slides

Please complete the course evaluation and submit a snapshot of the confirmation page or the confirmation email (but not any page showing the score) to Canvas. You will receive 1 (one) additional point adding to your final class grade as an appreciation of your help on improving the course.
April 26 Due: May 6, 23:59:59 (Deadline is set by Mines)

*Note: All project deliverables are due to Canvas at the time specified. Each deliverable (except P3-D3) has a four-day late submission period and late submission will lose 25% points per day for that deliverable.