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CSCI 473/573: Human-Centered Robotics

Marquez Hall 326, Mon/Wed 7:30-8:45 AM, Spring 2021

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This page is finalized on 4/27/2021.

CSCI 473/573 offers hybrid in-person and remote classes in Spring 2021 due to the pandemic. Our general strategy is to make the course as flexible as possible, while still making sure it is rigorous. Lectures will be recorded during the class time and made available afterwards on the schedule page. Students have the flexibility to watch them anytime, without the requirement of attending the class in person at 7:30 AM M/W. The instructor's office hours (1:30-2:30 PM on Thursdays) and TA's office hours (4-6 PM on Tuesdays) will be hosted on Zoom to ensure safety (Zoom links are posted in CANVAS).

Date Topics Lecture Notes
Lecture Videos and Assignments
W. 01/13 Course policies, overview of robotics


Lecture video 1/13

M. 01/18 No class, Martin Luther King Day Holiday  
W. 01/20 Introduction of HCR

Lecture video 1/20

M. 01/25 Robot sensing


Lecture video 1/25

W. 01/27 Overview of ROS, and plumbing


Lecture video 1/27

M. 02/01 Plumbing, tools, capabilities, and ecosystem

Project 1 Assigned
Lecture video 2/1

W. 02/03 Main concepts and basic commands of ROS


Lecture video 2/3

M. 02/08 ROS Programming

Lecture video 2/8

W. 02/10 ROS Programming Lecture video 2/10
M. 02/15 No class, Presidents' Day Break  
W. 02/17 ROS Programming, Move turtle example Lecture video 2/17
M. 02/22 Robot learning from demonstration, biological inspirations

05-Robot Learning by Demonstration

Lecture video 2/22
W. 02/24 Implementation of learning from demonstration Lecture video 2/24
M. 03/01 Robot learning from demonstration
Special topic on bio-inspired robots
Lecture video 3/1
W. 03/03 Reinforcement learning

06-Reinforcement Learning in Robotics

Project 2 Assigned
Lecture video 3/3
M. 03/08 Markov decision process (MDP), discussion of Project 2 Deliverable 1 Lecture video 3/8
W. 03/10

Q-learning, (another) discussion of Project 2 Deliverable 1

Lecture video 3/10
M. 03/15 Snow day, lecture canceled, campus closed.
W. 03/17 SARSA, Deep reinforcement learning, discussion of Project 2 Deliverable 2 Lecture video 3/17
M. 03/22 3D sensing and stereo vision, structured-light 3D sensing


Lecture video 3/22
W. 03/24 Structured-light 3D sensing
Brief tutorial of LaTex
Latex Tutorial Lecture video 3/24
M. 03/29 No class. Happy Spring Break!
W. 03/31 No class. Happy Spring Break!
M. 04/05 Skeleton construction from depth data

08-Skeleton Estimation

Lecture video 4/5
W. 04/07 Feature extraction, representation construction

09-Skeleton-based Representations

Lecture video 4/7
M. 04/12 Skeleton-based representations, discussion of P3-D1 Project 3 Assigned
Lecture video 4/12
W. 04/14 Bag-of-words representations, and special topics on whether robotics will hurt job growth Lecture video 4/14
M. 04/19 Robot learning from data, and Support Vector Machines (SVM) 10-Robot Learning from Data Lecture video 4/19
W. 04/21 SVM, and considerations of robot learning from data Lecture video 4/21
M. 04/26 Special topics on autonomous driving, and DARPA robotics challenges, summary of the HCR course, Discussion of P3-D2 11-Class Summary Lecture video 4/26
W. 04/28 In-class office hours, no lecture,
Project Presentation (Canceled in in Spring 2021)
M. 05/03 Project Presentation (Canceled in in Spring 2021)
W. 05/05 Project Presentation (Canceled in in Spring 2021)