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I am a Professor at the Colorado School of Mines in the Division of Engineering, Design, and Society and the Department of Electrical Engineering. I was previously the Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Dean of Integrative Programs (2018-2020) and the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computational Sciences (2011-2018).

My general research interests include iterative learning control (ILC), autonomous systems and robotics, and applications of control to industrial and mechatronic systems. More recently I have been working on discrete repetitive control, a generalization of ILC, and on ILC for systems whose dynamics vary from trial-to-trial, such as in additive manufacturing. I am also interested in the use of networked robotics sensors and actuators, including the theory and application of cooperative control in multi-agent, dynamic consensus systems. I am a registered professional engineer (in the State of Idaho #7066), involved in several professional societies and editorial activities, and am interested in engineering education, particularly capstone senior design. As an administrator I focused on building new programs, particularly at the intersection of disciplines, and have a strong committment to diversity and inclusion.