Photo of Paul B. Queneau

Paul B. Queneau

  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • Ph.D. Metallurgical Eng., U. of Minnesota, 1967
  • B.S. Metallurgical Eng., Cornell University, 1964


  • Extractive metallurgy, metals recycling, resource location, and byproduct marketing. Areas of particular interest include:
  • Primary Molybdenum, Rhenium and Tungsten, Including Chemicals
  • Production and Recycling of Lead, Zinc, and Cadmium
  • Tin and Lead from Batteries, Solder Dross, and Chemical Wastes
  • Recycling and Production of Copper, Nickel and Cobalt
  • Utilization of Slags from Smelters and Incinerators
  • Metals and Byproducts Recovery from Spent Catalysts
  • Fertilizer and Feed Micronutrients from Secondaries
  • Recycling of Spent Etchants and Plating Waste
  • Recycling Brass and Bronze


  • Dr. Queneau's technical and project management responsibilities focus on extractive metallurgy of nonferrous metals, treatment of metal-containing wastes, resource location and byproduct marketing. His 50 years of experience include the development of custom processes for primary and secondary feedstocks, plant startups and plant operation to increase output, yield, and product quality.
  • In-plant projects include recycling of tin solder and drosses, Ni-Co recovery from laterite ore (pressure acid leaching, Australia), processing spent copper etchants (Hong Kong), processing and utilization of nonferrous and waste-processing slags, production of ferro-niobium from enriched slag (Brazil), conversion of tungsten concentrates (U.S. and Russia), processing tantalum intermediates, production of molybdenum chemicals, NiMo-W recovery from spent catalyst (Europe), recycling copper flue dust, production of secondary bronze ingot, recycling leady residues (seven plants in U.S., Canada, and Mexico), processing hazardous waste in rotary kilns (seven plants), production of antimony oxide (Bolivia), producing zinc and manganese micronutrient (five plants), recycling of secondary aluminum in short rotary furnaces (four plants), silver production (U.S. and Turkey), production of defluorinated phosphate, recycling calcium fluoride, processing ferromanganese furnace dust, and Ni-Cu-Co recovery from matte.
  • As an R&D supervisor for AMAX in Golden, CO, Paul Queneau led research on production of ammonium paratungstate (APT), leading to commercialization; he also led the team that innovated AMAX's acid pressure leach for treating nickeliferous laterite. Dr. Queneau was a member of the AMAX process engineering team that started up atmospheric and pressure leaching circuits, residue flotation and hydrogen reduction plant at Port Nickel. As a research engineer at Kennecott, he developed the process, then supervised the startup of a five-ton-per-day plant to upgrade high-rhenium molybdenite inventory.


  • Registered Professional Engineer, Colorado.
  • Authored 34 technical papers; holds 30 U.S. patents.
  • See attached resume for details.