Graduate students advised by Roel Snieder
  1. Mert Kiraz, PhD, 2023, Data-driven and machine learning approaches for suppression of multiply reflected seismic waves, (download thesis)
  2. Manuel Alejandro Jaimes Caballero, PhD, 2023, Spatial-temporal distribution of wavefields and intensities: Active source focusing and energy transfer in strongly scattering media (download thesis)
  3. Patipan Saengduean, PhD, co-advised with Michael Wakin, 2022, Wavefield reconstruction using seismic interferometry and compressive sensing (donwload thesis)
  4. Alex Jia, PhD, 2019, Marchenko imaging for 2D and 3D complex structures--with field applications to sub-salt and sub-basalt imaging (ExxonMobil research) (download thesis)
  5. Aaron Prunty, PhD, 2019, Target-oriented imaging of acoustic media using unknown and uncontrolled random sources (Shell Research) (download thesis)
  6. Xun Li, MSc, 2018, A unified interpretation of nonlinear elasticity in granular solids (ETH Zurich) (download thesis)
  7. Satyan Singh, PhD, 2016, An inverse scattering approach to imaging using Marchenko equations in the presence of a free surface (University of Edinburgh) (download thesis)
  8. Allison Knaak, PhD, 2014, 3D Synthetic aperture for controlled-source electromagnetics (download thesis)
  9. Kanu Chinaemerem, PhD, 2014, Time-lapse monitoring of localized changes within heterogeneous media with scattered waves (BP Research) (download thesis)
  10. Farhad Bazargani, PhD, 2014, Optimal wave focusing for seismic source imaging (Shell Research) (download thesis)
  11. Johannes Douma, MSc, 2014, Improved temporal and spatial focusing using deconvolution: theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies (Cemarex) (download thesis)
  12. Nori Nakata, PhD, 2013, Seismic interferometry for temporal monitoring (Stanford University) (download thesis)
  13. Farnoush Farghani-Arani, PhD, co-advised with Mike Batzle, 2013, Analysis and suppression of passive noise in surface microseismic data (Microseismic Inc.)
  14. Steven Smith, PhD, co-advised with Ilya Tsvankin, 2013, Modelling and inversion of stress-induced multicomponent seismic time shifts (Shell Research)
  15. Filippo Broggini, PhD, 2013, Wave field Autofocusing and Applications to Multidimensional Deconvolution and Imaging with Internal Multiples (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETH) (download thesis) Among the winners of the 2014 edition of the Theses Award of the SPE Italian Section, EAGE.
  16. Myoung Jae Kwon, MSc, 2013, Two unconventional approaches to electromagnetic inversion, Hierarchical Bayesian Inversion and Inverse Scattering Series (download thesis)
  17. Clement Fleury, PhD, 2012, Wave propagation in complex media, scattering theory and application to seismic imaging, (Total) (download thesis)
  18. Conrad Newton, IV, MSc, 2012, Estimating intrinsic attenuation from seismic interferometry and time reversal (Microseismic Inc.) (pdf file of thesis)
  19. Yuanzhong Fan, PhD, 2010, Virtual source methods for diffusive fields: applications of interferometry and synthetic aperture to controlled source electromagnetics (Shell Research) (pdf file of thesis)
  20. Ran Xuan MSc, co-advised with Paul Sava, 2009, Probabilistic micro-earthquake location for reservoir monitoring (Cimarex)
  21. Ivan Vasconcelos, PhD, 2007, Interferometry in perturbed media; Reciprocity Theorems, Deconvolution Interferometry, and Imaging of Borehole Seismic Data, (ION Gephysical, Schlumberger Cambridge Research) (pdf-file of thesis)
  22. Kurang Mehta, PhD, 2007, The virtual source method; implementation issues, improvement using wavefield separation and application to time-lapse monitoring (Shell International Exploration and Production) (pdf-file of thesis)
  23. Huub Douma, PhD, co-advised with Martijn de Hoop, 2006, A hybrid formulation of map migration and wave-equation-based migration using curvelets, (Princeton University, ION Geophysical) (pdf-file of thesis)
  24. Tamara Gipprich, MSc, 2005, The role of shear and tensile failure in dynamically triggered landslides (Central Intelligence Agency) (pdf-file of thesis)
  25. Matthew Haney, PhD, 2004, An investigation of sealing and episodic pulsing of fluids at a minibasin-bounding growth fault from seismic reflection images, (SANDIA National Laboratory) (pdf-file of thesis)
  26. Alexandre Gret, PhD, (co-advised with John Scales), 2004, Time-lapse monitoring with coda wave interferometry (pdf-file of thesis), (iTECH Engineering AG)
  27. Carlos Pacheco, MSc, 2004, Time-lapse monitoring with multiply scattered waves
  28. Dirk Kraaijpoel, PhD, 2003, Seismic ray field and ray field maps: theory and algorithms (NORSAR, Delft University)
  29. Stephanie Godey, PhD, 2002, Structure of the uppermost mantle beneath North America: Regional surface wave tomography and thermo-mechanical interpretation, (Centre Sismologique Euro-Mediterraneen)
  30. Jesper Spetzler, PhD, 2001,The effect of small-scale heterogeneity on the propagation of waves, with application to forward modelling and inversion in global surface wave tomography (pdf-file of  thesis),  (Delft University of Technology)
  31. Axel Roehm, PhD, 1999, Statistical properties of travel time measurements and the structure of the Earth's mantle, (PGGM)
  32. Everhard Muyzert, PhD, 1998, Monte Carlo waveform inversion and deep continental structure, (Schlumberger Cambridge Research)
  33. Martin Schimmel, PhD, 1997, Distinct body wave phenomena caused by mantle structure - detection, observations and interpretations, (Universidade de Sao Paulo)
  34. Dolors Alsina, PhD, 1996, Broadband seismological data studies; Validity of assumptions in surface wave studies and detailed structure of the upper mantle, (Journal Manager for Elsevier)
  35. Henk Marquering, PhD, 1996, Surface-wave mode coupling: Modelling and inverting waveforms including body-wave phases, (Princeton University,  OCE Research)
  36. Tijn Passier, PhD, 1996,  title: Seismological aspects of intermediate and small-scale upper mantle structure, (Shell Research,  European Patent Office)
  37. Mahmoud Mirzei, PhD, 1996,  Inversion of potential field data; theory and application in gravimetry and magnetometry, (Lecturer in Iran)
  38. Harm Dorren, PhD, 1995, Estimates of stability and propagation of errors in nonlinear inverse problems: with applications to delay-time tomography and inverse scattering transformations, (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  39. Filip Neele, PhD, 1993,  Upper mantle structure from body-wave coda and amplitudes, (TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory)