Courses offered in spring 2020
HASS360, Research, Values, and Communication, Tuesdays and Thursdays 930-1045, CK150
SYGN501, Research Skills for Graduate Students, Wednesdays 300-350, AH162
HNRS430, Science and Spirituality, Wednesdays 6-9 PM, MZ226

Research Skills for Graduate Students  SYGN501

Quotes from student evaluations of the course and from email messages from students

``Overall an excellent class, I learned a lot of things that will carry into my future research. Roel is a fountain of advice, and can generally answer all research related questions reasonably well.''

``I think this class should be a must to any graduate student."

"I think you are giving us all the sorts of counseling that you typically don't receive from an advisor. I for one appreciate it."

``I like the openness of the class and the freedom to do what we want as a group.''

"I enjoyed your approach to academic planning, problem solving and personal development. I will certainly recommend your class to other students!"

"THANK you very much for your course in the spring: It opened my eyes! I was falling in a ditch!  I was in the verge of quiting, but you and the class made me see things different and realize many things that I was not able to."


Quotes from student evaluation of the short course taught at Utrecht University

``Disliking something in a course like this is rather difficult."

``I have learned that  that there are much more people encountering the same problems as I am regarding my research."

``The course was very useful, although I think it would have been even more useful if I would have taken it when I just started my PhD research."

For whom is this course meant: The goal of this course is to teach beginning graduate students a variety of different aspects of doing research. This course is also helpful for preparing senior undergraduate students for a career in research. The target group therefore are beginning graduate students and senior undergraduate students from all departments.

Course description: This 1-credit course consists of class sessions and practical exercises. The content of the course is aimed at helping students acquire the  skills needed for a career in research. The class sessions cover topics such as the choice of a research topic, making a work plan and executing that plan effectively, what to do when you are stuck, how to write a publication and choose a journal for publication, how to write proposals, the ethics of research, the academic career versus a career in industry, time-management, and a variety of other topics. The course is open to students with very different backgrounds; this ensures a rich and diverse intellectual environment.

Prerequisites: There are no formal requirements. Informal prerequisites are enthusiasm, the willingness to collaborate with fellow students, and the desire to learn new things.

The teacher: Roel Snieder holds the W.M. Keck Distinguished Chair of Professional Development Education at the Colorado School of Mines. This chair is aimed at strengthening interdisciplinary research and teaching at the Colorado School of Mines. He has a background in geophysical fluid mechanics, theoretical physics and seismology. Before joining the Colorado School of Mines he was Dean of the Faculty of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University.

More information can be obtained from: Roel Snieder, tel. 303-273.3456, email,

Courses previously taught at CSM

Quotes from student evaluations of the course HNRS402

``This seminar has challenged my beliefs more than any other in McBride course."

``It has shown me different approaches to life.

Courses previously taught at Utrecht University