Photo of Lauren Shumaker

Lauren Shumaker

  • Geology and Geological Engineering
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • Ph.D., 2016, Stanford University - "Sedimentology, seismic geomorphology, and provenance investigations of deep-water deposits: Taranaki Basin, New Zealand" (Advisor Dr. Stephan Graham)
  • B.A., 2009, University of California at Santa Cruz


  • Investigating morphometric scaling relationships among submarine channels, and assessing the value of fluvial channels as analogs for deep-water systems. Expertise in the topics of deep-water sediment transport and depositional systems (modern and ancient), sedimentary basin analysis, sediment provenance, and seismic geomorphology.


  • Scientific communication and presentation skills; using art- and design-inspired visual aids to communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences.


  • Shumaker, L.E., Sharman, G.R., King, P.R., and Graham, S.A., 2018, The source is in the sink: Deep-water deposition by a submarine volcanic arc, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: Sedimentology (in press).
  • Shumaker et al., 2016, Evolution of submarine gullies on a prograding slope: Insights from 3D seismic reflection data: Marine Geology, in press.
  • Sharman, G.R., Graham, S.A., Masalimova, L., Shumaker, L.E., and King, P.R., 2015, Spatial patterns of deformation and paleoslope estimation within the marginal and central portions of a basin-floor mass-transport deposit, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: Geosphere, v. 11, no. 2, pgs 1-41.
  • Upcoming presentations:
  • Shumaker, L.E., Jobe, Z.R., Moody, J., and Cai, D., 2018, Scaling relationships between stratigraphy and morphology of submarine channels: Abstract, AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 20-23 May.