Tracy Camp

Prospective Students

Please do not contact me via email, unless you have had significant experience in my research field (e.g., you have published a paper in ad hoc networks).

Dear Prospective Student:

Thanks for your interest in Colorado School of Mines. I have a very active research group in Ad Hoc Networks ( We currently have five professors and several graduate and undergraduate students that meet weekly to discuss research.

If you are interested in working with me, then please come talk with me after you have taken a course from me or after you have actively become involved in my research group. Then, I get a better idea of how you will do under my guidance and you get a better idea of how I work and what I expect. Plus, we have other faculty members in Toilers; you may decide you would prefer to work with one of them instead of me.

To be considered for admission, you need to apply to our program. The Graduate Committee (not me) makes all admission/funding decisions.

Details on our degree programs can be found at:

Admission requirements and procedures can be found at:

Financial assistance information can be found at:

Please note, to obtain the highest possibility for financial support at CSM, applications for Fall (Spring) admission must be received by January 1st (July 1st). Applications not requesting financial support will be considered until July 1st (November 1st) for the Fall (Spring) semester.

If you have remaining questions after reading the materials at the proceeding links, contact Dr. William Navidi (wnavidi AT mines DOT edu). Dr. Navidi is the Graduate Director within my department.

Tracy Camp, Ph.D.
Director of Toilers (
Dept. of Math. & Computer Sciences (MCS)
Colorado School of Mines

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