Tracy Camp


By: Bill Bynum and Tracy Camp

The BACI GUI program gives the user the capability to monitor all aspects of the execution of a program written in either C-- or Concurrent Pascal, the languages supported by the two compilers of the BACI system. All source files used to produce the program are displayed, if they are available. The user can set breakpoints and single-step at either the source code level or the PCODE level. The user can view the program data and the PCODE instructions executed. All non-source windows can be saved to disk.

The BACI GUI program requires a UNIX operating system (Linux, Sun4, IRIX, or AIX), equipped with the X11 windowing system (X11R6) and Tcl/Tk 8.x libraries created by John Ousterhout.

All BACI user guide documents (in pdf): updated July 14, 2003
BACI documents (in ps): updated July 14, 2003
BACI documents (in LaTeX): updated July 14, 2003
GUI BACI Source Code: updated November 09, 2005
GUI BACI SunOS executables (old version): updated May 15, 2003
GUI BACI RS/6000 executables (old version): updated May 15, 2003
GUI BACI SGI IRIX executables (old version): updated April 18, 2001

David Strite, an M.S. student that worked with Linda Null from the Pennsylvania State University, created a BACI Debugger: A GUI Debugger for the BACI System The abstract of the thesis states: "The purpose of this project was to develop a graphical user interface debugger for the BACI language to make debugging concurrent BACI programs easier. The debugger replicates the functionality of the BACI interpreter and adds the functionality of a debugger." See PSU BACI GUI for more details.