Advanced Water Technology Center


My research interests include the following areas of environmental engineering: physical processes; separation processes; membrane technologies for water treatment and wastewater reclamation; thermally-driven membrane processes for desalination, stripping, and energy recovery; osmotically-driven membrane processes for water pretreatment, water augmentation, and for process energy reduction; industrial and domestic water reuse; zero-liquid-discharge technologies for desalination processes, energy conservation and recovery in engineering applications.

Current funded research
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Research at AQWATEC

Research activities at AQWATEC are directed to  advance research and development of novel water treatment processes and hybrid systems to enable sustainable and energy efficient utilization of impaired water sources to provide potable and non-potable water supplies.  Our focus areas include:

Our current activities include:

AQWATEC faculty currently sustain a research funding base of over $4.5M via active grants and contracts from AwwaRF, WERF, WRF, NSF, Cal DWR, DOE, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, NREL, and private industry.