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W_AUG 25 - Introduction / Water Cycle / Darcy's Law / Unit Conversions
                            answers for Aug 25 class problems
M_AUG 30 - Water Budgets 1
 HW due from AUG 25 Unit Conversions
                            answers for Aug 30 class problems
W_SEP  01
- Water Budgets 2
 *8/28 minor update to notes HW due from AUG 30 Precipitation Distribution 
                            answers for Sep 01 class problems
M_SEP  06 - Water Budgets 3 HW due from AUG 30 Basin Budget
                            answers for Sep 06 class problems
W_SEP  08 - Porosity / Capillarity / Head NO HW due 
                            answers for Sep 08 class problems
M_SEP  13 - Hydraulic Head / Hydraulic Conductivity / Darcy's Law HW due from SEP 6 Baseflow-Recharge-Discharge
                            answers for Sep 13 class problems
W_SEP  15 - Hydraulic Head / Hydraulic Conductivity / Darcy's Law continued NO HW due
                          answers for Sep 15 class problems
M_SEP  20   same link as SEP 15 continued HW due from SEP 13  ex 6c 6d 6e
                          answers for Sep 20 class problems
W_SEP 22 - Heterogeneity
NO HW due 
                            answers for Sep 22 class problems
M_SEP 27 - Storage  / Flow Equations HW due from SEP 22  ex 8c
                          answers for Sep 27 class problems
W_SEP 29 -
Flow Nets  HW due from SEP 22  ex 8b AND SEP 27 Storage 10b
                        answers for Sep 29 class problems
M_OCT 04 - 
Flow Nets continued same link as SEP 29  HW due from SEP 27 Flow Equations 11a
                        answers for Oct 04 class problems
W_OCT 06 - Well Hydraulics 1 - Intro and Steady State solutions
HW due from OCT 04 answers last slide
                           or click here for just that HW description slide
                        answers for Oct 06 class problems
M_OCT 11 - Well Hydraulics 2 - Estimating s T and S in a confined infinite aquifer HW due from OCT 06
                           Draw Flow Net of Sand Box AND Estimate K from Well Test Data
                        Flow Net Data ...also... Useful Images for Drawing Your Flow Net
                        Well Test Data
                            answers for Oct 11 class problems
                        Flow Net Key
W_OCT 13 - Exam 1 EXAM   KeyProblem1 KeyProblem2 KeyProblem3 KeyProblem4
M_OCT 18 - no classes at CSM

W_OCT 20 - Well Hydraulics 3 - Estimating T and S in a leaky and water table aquifers 
                        HW due from OCT 11 Analyze Aquifer Test Data distributed in class KEY
                            answers for Oct 20 class problems
M_OCT 25 - Well Hydraulics 4 - Superposition
HW due from OCT 20 WH3 ex 14a of  
                            answers for Oct 25 class problems
W_OCT 27 - Well Hydraulics 5 - Specific Capacity / Slug Tests HW due from OCT 20 ex 14b AND OCT25 15a b c
                            answers for Oct 27 class problems
*new PDF Files of log-logPaper semi-logPaper
M_NOV  01 - Water Chemistry 1 - Fundamentals 
HW due from OCT 25 ex 15h AND OCT27 ex 16
                            answers for Nov 01 class problems
W_NOV 03 - Water Chemistry 2 - Sampling and Presenting Water Analyses HW due from OCT 25 WH4 ex 15f
                            answers for Nov 03 class problems
M_NOV  08 - Water Chemistry 3 - Controls on Water Chemistry HW due from NOV 03 as decribed at end of WC2 notes
                            answers for Nov 08 class problems
W_NOV 10 - Water Chemistry 4 - Using Water Chemistry to Interpret Flow Systems
                            answers for Nov 10 class problems
M_NOV 15  - Water Chemistry 5 - Water Quality 
                            answers for Nov 15 class problems
W_NOV 17
 - Contaminant Transport
                            answers for Nov 17 class problems
M_NOV 22 - Exam 2
EXAM   KeyProblem1 KeyProblem2 KeyProblem3 KeyProblem4
W_NOV 24 
- no classes at CSM
M_NOV 29  - Contaminant Transport (same link as Nov 17) 
                            answers for Nov 29 class problems
W_DEC 01
 - Contaminant Transport continued (same link as Nov 17) 
                            assignment for Dec 01 class problem
M_DEC 06 Management and Remediation DUE: HW 22c (from Dec 01 link) AND modeling from Dec 01 assignment  
                            answers for Dec 06 class problems 
W_DEC 08 
 - Modeling
                            answers for Dec 08 class problems 

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MONDAY DEC 13   10-11AM and 3-4 PM


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Expectations: Exam  1
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Expectations: Final Exam

Applied Hydrogeology, 4th Edition, author: Fetter
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CSM LIBRARY GEGN467 Reserve:     Applied Hydrogeology, 4th Edition, author: Fetter     TEXT PROBLEMS & SOLUTION MANUAL for Applied Hydrogeology (ed4)