CdTe Solar Cells

Record CdTe device efficiency has recently surpassed 20%, and it is the leading thin film photovoltaic technology in terms of commercial installation. However, additional improvements in efficiency, reliability and cost are required to keep pace with crystalline silicon. The Wolden group is developing novel non-equilibrium processes such as rapid thermal processing (RTP) and plasma-enhanced vapor transport deposition (PE-VTD) to deposit high quality CdTe with improved carrier lifetime, density, and open circuit voltage.  Specific projects focus on the development of ternary alloys, group V dopants, and alternative window layers. This effort is lead by graduate student Gavin Yeung.

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation through award #CBET-1708149.

The second project on CdTe is directed at developing technologies directed at fabricating high specific power solar cells (>100 W/kg). We have developed and innovative thermo-mechanical approach to demlaminate high performance thin films (CdTe and CIGS) fabricated on glass and transfer them onto ultralightweight, flexible packaging. This project is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and based at NREL where it is lead by Dr. Matt Reese. PhD candidate Deborah McGott is a leading CSM's contribution to this project.   This work is supported by the U.S. Office of Naval Research under Contract No. DE-AC36-08GO28308 in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.