We recently acquired an scanning probe facility through an NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant. This instrumentation request includes an atomic force microscope (Asylum MFP-3D) coupled to an optical microscope (Olympus) for simultaneous imaging and physical properties measurements at the nanoscale for a wide range of advanced materials in renewable energy and life sciences. The unique feature of the proposed SPM facility is its ability to measure electrical and mechanical properties of materials in direct registry with topography at nanoscale resolution under their designed operating conditions (e.g illumination of photovoltaics and hydrated conditions for biological). The measurement of interfacial physical properties at small length scales is essential to the development of the next generation of materials for renewable energy and life sciences. Specific advanced capabilities beyond standard SPM modes (contact, tapping, phase) include:

Optical Microscopy: The AFM head is integrated with an inverted optical microscope, facilitating the quick identification of the specific region of interest and enables optical stimulation to obtain properties such as a photoconductivity or fluorescence in registry with topology.

Electro/Mechanical Measurements: The instrument enable spatially resolved measurements of critical material properties such as conductivity, piezoelectricity, Kelvin Probe, modulus, and viscoelasticity.

Environmental Control: Sample may be evaluated under controlled conditions: temperature (-35-300 °C), humidity, fluid cells, and illumination intensity/wavelength.

For additional information about training/sample analysis please contact Mark or Colin directly. We gratefully acknowledge the National Science Foundation and CSM for funding this facility through award #CBET-1532179